Can I Nominate My Own Blog?

Occasionally, I get emails that ask a question I think would be best answered in open forum and, as one of two people have asked the above question (about our forthcoming Annual Awards), I thought it best to answer here.

On the face of it, I suppose it might seem a little self-indulgent to nominate your own blog – hence the question of course. But after some deliberation, I have decided to allow it, for new bloggers. The reason is that, when you are new to blogging, it can take some considerable time to get the ball rolling and really get your blog noticed, let alone get any quality exposure on sites such as this one. It is a problem we all faced at the beginning.

So, as I would like to encourage new bloggers (that’s why we have included the category of Best Newcomer in the awards after all) I think it is only fair to allow people who are just starting out to nominate their own blogs for that particular category.

This does not mean you should not nominate other people’s blogs too. But, if your blog is new – let’s say less than 1 year old – then I think it is perfectly reasonable to submit a nomination for your own blog. I have also decided not to name the nominee because I think that a blog that has been self-nominated has the right to be judged entirely on its own merit and that judgement should not be prejudiced by factors such as whether or not it was self-nominated.

So, that’s about it. In short, the answer is yes, you can nominate your own blog if it is less than 1 year old and any such blogs will be reviewed as part of the Best Newcomer category.

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