White Dove Books exists to help and encourage you in your quest to find and live a more rewarding, meaningful and fulfilling life.

If you are the kind of person who believes that you can make a difference in the world, we are here to help you to do just that, and if you don’t yet believe that you are capable of really making a difference, we are here to open your mind to that possibility.

Personally, I believe that you are a special person with a unique calling and purpose and you are here, on the planet, to do something important with your life.

The problem for many people today is that they are pursuing careers they don’t really care about. Our minds are full of practical considerations about what is possible for us. We don’t know how to accomplish big things; we think there may not be enough really great opportunities to go around; perhaps we may even think, at some level, that we don’t deserve good things to happen to us.

We may even think that opportunity has passed us by. But that’s one of the things I would like to challenge because, I think that you are either living your life based on an understanding of your Life Purpose or you are, effectively, asleep and maybe you have been waiting to hear this message.

So this is what I want to say to you …

Your life is not over, the script for the remainder of your life has not yet been written and you can transform your life into the one you were born to live. Sure, it involves making a journey; a journey from the person you are now to the person you are to become – that is the essence of personal development.

And that is what this site is about.

My hope is to help liberate you from practical considerations about what you think you can accomplish with your life. I believe that you are a person with so much untapped potential that, if you were to just get a glimpse of what you are really capable of achieving, it would truly shock you.

You can become really successful when you first discover your Life Purpose and then have the courage to live it and that’s also a part of what we are here to do; to encourage you, literally – to help you to find the courage to go for it.

Here are seven important principles we believe in …

The 7 Keys to Success

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Will Edwards
Founder: White Dove Books