Annual Awards (The Nominations)

As, by any objective measure, the White Dove Books site is one of the leading personal development websites on the internet, I feel that it might be appropriate for us to run our own annual awards for the best blogs within the self improvement space. So, as is the tradition for such awards, I intend to make them at the end of the year and this year is to be our first.

To get the ball rolling, I am asking readers of Inspiration to make the nominations. So, below, there is a list of categories within which I am going to make awards. When you make a nomination, you don’t have to say which category you think a particular blog should fit in – we’ll figure that out 🙂

  • Best Self Development Blog
  • Best Productivity Blog
  • Best Money/Finance Blog
  • Best Health/Fitness Blog
  • Best Spiritual Development Blog
  • Best Motivation Blog
  • Best Personal Views Blog
  • Best Outside the Box
  • Best Newcomer

If you know of a good (or even great) blog operating within the self development space, then please make sure you nominate it. I will personally visit every blog nominated (until nominations close) and write reviews of the best. They will each appear in the Inspiration Newsletter and then, come December, I will announce the winners.

It is quite an exciting undertaking and I am really looking forward to discovering some gems. I have included the ‘Best Newcomer’ category because I would like to encourage anyone who has a new blog that is writing good quality stuff, and I have included the ‘Outside the Box’ category because, well … I love stuff that refuses to be categorised.

To nominate a blog, simply use the contact link (top right) and tell me why you think this blog should be reviewed. That’s about it. I’ll make an announcement when we have enough nominations – I think perhaps 100 nominations will be enough for me to work with – and I’ll also keep you informed about how it is all going. So … make sure you get your nominations in as soon as possible.

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