Write for Us: 6 Good Reasons

1. Appear in the Newsletter and our Tweet Stream

Your blog post at the Inspiration Blog will also be featured in our Newsletter which goes out to our readers. The current circulation is displayed top left of this page and, by the way, those figures are independently produced by Google’s Feedburner site, so you can be absolutely sure they are correct. Your post also gets into our Tweet stream automatically.

2. You Get Relevant Quality Backlinks

You get your resource box included at the end of your article in which you also get a high quality, relevant backlink to your own site. Google loves quality, relevant links and whether or not you decide to write for this blog, you should focus on ways you can legitimately acquire them. So the link you get from our site is extremely valuable if you run a site within the self development space. That’s in addition to the targeted visitors that the link will generate directly.

3. We are Looking for Quality Partners

If you have a product or service that you feel can genuinely benefit our readers, we would be very interested in partnering with you. We are not looking for any products; only top-quality offerings. However, articles published at this blog always trigger a little research on our part and that is one of the ways we have been able to find good partners with whom to work in the past.

4. Your  Message Will Reach Our Competitors

You can be sure that our major competitors are all subscribers to the Inspiration Newsletter. We have very many people who, one way and another, make use of our original information in their own online marketing. So your article will not only alert us to what you have to offer, it will also reach others with whom you could profitably partner.

5. You Can Find Affiliates

We are extremely well known to anyone engaged in the self improvement niche. We have hundreds of people in our Affiliate Success course. They could all be potential affiliates for you if you were to impress them with your knowledge and present the right kind of opportunity to partner in providing your own products and services.

6. You Can Position Yourself

Most importantly, you get the opportunity to impress our readers with your expertise. Someone wrote to me a while back to ask how he could succeed when his name was not well-known within the personal development space. The opportunity is right here for anyone to take advantage of because a series of well written articles published at this site will help you to firmly position yourself within this niche.

If you are interested in getting an article published at this site, please read our Guidelines and then submit your proposal.

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