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Thank you for your interest in our Affiliate Program. This page contains the main linking methods for you to use in your Affiliate Marketing …

You Can Use Our WordPress Plugin

Embed our books directly into your WordPress Blog via our free plugin. Your visitors get great free content and you make money on backend sales. If you have a WordPress site, this is the best method. Click Here to find out how to install it.

For Direct Linking, use these Referral Links

If you don’t have a  Wordpress site or if if you just prefer to link directly to our sales page, use the following links:

HTML Referral Link …

<a target=”_blank” href=””>
Free Personal Development Books</a>

N.B. Replace YourNickname with your own ClickBank Nickname.

Promotional Articles

We have lots of articles for you to use in your newsletters, blog posts, website etc. You may reproduce any of these from the eZineArticles site and substitute your ClickBank referral link in the Resource Box … Get Promotional Articles Here

You may not claim yourself to be the author. Simply introduce the article as a guest post or guest article by me and at the end, leave the Resource Box intact, but substitute your own referral link. This is an easy way to provide your visitors with quality content and make a commission at the same time.


Keep this page bookmarked so you can return to it easily. We will be expanding these resources over the course of time.

Best Wishes,

Will Edwards
Founder: White Dove Books

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