The Deepest Desire of Your Heart

You are on the planet to achieve something significant with your life. You are here to make a difference and, within your heart, you know this is true …

Are You Prepared for Success?

A wise person once commented that you can have success as soon as you are ready to receive it. A problem for many people is that they don’t know how to prepare. So it is very important to consider the question: are you prepared? Of course, you want success, but that is a different thing to being prepared for success.

Take a Look at This Check List:

  • I Fully Understand What I Am Here to Achieve
  • My Life Has Both Meaning And Purpose
  • My Goals are Focused Around My Mission
  • I Cleary See the Difference Between Being Busy and Being Productive
  • I Manage Time Extremely Effectively
  • I Make Things Happen as Opposed to Getting Things Done
  • My Destiny is Entirely in My Own Hands
  • I Love What I am Doing With My Life Right Now

How many of those question can you truly answer with a resounding yes?

If you did answer yes to all of those questions, then you are indeed prepared for success. Success simply cannot elude you when you understand your life purpose, you have quantified your mission, you have identified your most important goals and you are working toward achieving them.

But what if you don’t have that kind of clarity?

Well my friend, if this is you, then know this: deep within your heart there is a desire, the achievement of which will bring you all the satisfaction and fulfilment you want. Your deepest desire can be transformed into reality and you can, indeed, live the life of your dreams. Isn’t it exciting to know that you can become the person you want to be, you can have the things you want to have in your life and you can do the things you really want to do?

Using the exact methods taught in our program, very many people are already producing amazing results in their lives, and so can you! Our outstanding program represents the culmination of many years of research into the application of the principles of success and everything you need to accomplish the most amazing transformation of your life is included.

Here’s My Personal Story

From early on, I knew I wanted to be a professional writer. You might say that becoming a writer was my heart’s desire. At first, I didn’t know what I would be writing about, but eventually, I realised that what I wanted to write about was personal development.

Just before my fortieth birthday, my plans suffered a serious setback. My marriage fell apart and well, let’s just say that my financial situation suffered dramatically as a result. At the time, it seemed to have put those plans in serious jeopardy.

Brooklinn HouseDespite those events, today I am living the life that I imagined, doing exactly what I imagined. Here’s my new house by the seaside where I now do all of my writing.

It gave me the greatest pleasure to leave my well-paid full time job to begin to live my dream and it was no risk to me whatsoever because I had already built a passive income from my writing.

It has been quite an amazing experience for me and I am really grateful to be finally living the life I once dreamed about. Sometimes, I almost have to pinch myself to make sure I am awake.

All of this happened because I applied the exact principles used by highly successful people to change my career and build my own successful web-based writing business that I absolutely love.

How I managed to completely change my life, and how you can change yours too is the subject of my book The Deepest Desire of Your Heart.

What Exactly is Success?

In this program, we are not going to try to teach you how to do what I do because that would not necessarily be right for you.

Success represents different things to different people. For me, the meaning of success is to live a life that enables me to do what I want, when I want to. I can walk the dog along the beach or take a walk on beautiful Exmoor. I have no money worries, I can work when I want and the work I do is what I love doing – writing.

For you, success is very likely to be something entirely different. It is something that you will need to define for yourself if you are ever to achieve it. Once you know what success means – for you, personally – then you will have made a good start.

What we are concerned with is understanding the timeless, unerring principles that always bring success, however you define it, to those who apply them. Success is, essentially, an effect and what we need to understand is the causes of success so we can work on them.

By the law of cause and effect, real outstanding success, however you wish to define it, can truly be yours when you understand something profound.

So let me reveal the secret of success to you right now.

The Power to Change Your Life Now

“Anyone applying these methods is assured to achieve remarkable
and permanent life-changing results” – John Rogers (Moderator, Warrior Forum)

The real secret of success is to learn and utilize the very same principles employed by the most highly successful people. This can literally propel you toward success in your life; the kind of success you really desire and deserve to achieve. Like a cork suddenly released in a tub of water, the use of these unerring principles will cause you to rise irresistibly to the top of your chosen field.

In this program, we not only reveal these success principles, but we also provide you with the tool you need to make the transformation. That’s why this program consists of my book The Deepest Desire of Your Heart and the complete 4tm Time Management System.

The 4tm System is a powerful tool for refocusing your mind by tracking the effectiveness of your time management. Simple to use, but deceptively powerful, it provides graphical analysis of where your time is going and whether or not it is being used productively.

These highly acclaimed resources are today being used by life coaches throughout the world to effect positive change in the lives of their clients.

OK – so what’s in the book? Well, take a look for yourself …

The Deepest Desire of Your Heart
by Will Edwards

“Extremely useful … interesting and informative – in fact,
I’m still buzzing now!” – Sally

– Discover Your Unique Calling or Vocation
– Stay On-Track to Achieve Your Mission
– Lateral Thinking for Overcoming Obstacles
– Getting from Theory to Making it Happen
– Professional Tips & Exercises
– Identify Your Most Important Activities
– Complete System to Optimize Your Time
– How to Ensure You Achieve Your Goals
– How to Internalize the Habits of Success
– And Much More …

The Deepest Desire of Your Heart

Provided in Both PDF & MP3 Formats
Suitable for Both MAC & PC Systems

The 4tm Time Management System

You also get our complete 4tm Time Management System for translating your goals into reality. This is a truly unique resource that will train you to model and acquire the very same, high-leverage habits employed by the most successful people.

After many years of teaching time management, I realised that what was needed was a tool to enable people to make the behavioural changes necessary to ensure they were working effectively toward their goals and so, I created it. You cannot get this system anywhere else. It is a truly unique and highly effective tool that we have included as a part of this program.

Here is a sneak preview of the 4tm Spreadsheet. It’s written in Excel, so you do need a program capable of reading an Excel spreadsheet and there are many available including Open Office which is free. As you can see, it’s a very effective and comprehensive resource …

“An excellent resource – worth every penny of
the money by itself” – John

This tool will be your secret weapon because with the 4tm Spreadsheet you get instant, graphical analysis & feedback that allows you to make subtle adjustments in your use of time to ensure to reach your important goals and achieve your life purpose.

Success – whatever that means for you – will finally come knocking at your door because by using the 4tm System, you will learn how to internalize the key principles of success into your life.

How does this work? Well, for the first time, you will be able to see – graphically – how much of your time is being used productively. You will learn how to gradually shift your focus to produce dramatic change that will lead to the certain fulfilment of your heart’s desire.

But I Don’t Know My Heart’s Desire

Often, people know that they want to be successful, but you would be amazed at just how common it is to not know what can bring you real happiness and fulfilment. Don’t worry about it because that’s something we are going to cover.

When we are done, you will not only understand your unique vocation, you also will know what to do to make it happen. Like many others before you, you can have your heart’s desire if you are prepared to follow these unerring success principles.

“Your book offers an easy to understand, simple to follow, yet thorough approach to identifying and pursuing exactly what will make you happier and more successful.

I am personally using the principles in your book and I can whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone seeking greater fulfillment and enjoyment in their life.” – Anna Johnson

For the past ten years, I have been teaching people how to apply these principles both professionally and in their private lives. These are ordinary people who have tried our program for themselves and who are now enjoying the results in their lives. As you can see for yourself, we are having quite an effect!

What exactly is it that makes our program so different? The answer is quite straight-forward – our program works!

“I loved your book. It was not just inspiring, it was totally awesome! I have read it three times already. You have helped me to think outside the box and you have also helped me to understand how to manage my time much more effectively.

Your book is truly motivational and I can personally recommend it. Anyone who reads it is sure to find their heart’s desire.” – Hafiz Latib

It may be difficult to speak directly to your own situation but I would like to try to do that anyway because this program is practical and it concerns YOU and your own wants and needs.

This program is for you if you know that, so far, your life has not yet been the one you really wanted to live. It has not yet brought you the things you want and you have not yet managed all you are capable of achieving.

If the above describes you, then our program can really help and, because I want to help as many people as possible, I want to offer it at a price that you won’t want to turn down. We simply don’t want you to turn down this opportunity to transform your life and start living your dream because you could not afford it.

So here is what we are proposing …

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We also strongly believe in the principle of Value-for-Money so we want to make sure you are, not just pleased, but absolutely delighted with your purchase!

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