Why Do People Overcomplicate Things?

Recently, I was reading a book that said that making money online was as simple as getting your offer in front of enough people. I must confess that my own thoughts were something to the effect that … it’s not quite that simple.

Thing is, I started thinking … you need to get, not just any offer in front of enough people, but the right offer. Then, it’s not getting it in front of enough people; you need to get it in front of enough of the right people otherwise known as targeted traffic, in marketing parlance.

Once you start thinking about those things, you have to start analysing your demographics to figure out who your target market actually is and then you have to find out what they want and need. When you done that, you have to research the market to find the right solutions, that can genuinely help the people you are trying to serve. Alternatively, you have to create those products and services yourself.

If you can do all of this well, you will end up connecting the dots: you will then be offering the right product, that solves a specific problem, to the very audience that is searching for it. Hopefully, you will also manage to make that offer in the right way and I feel also inclined to add, at the right time – that’s the stuff of marketing.

Anyway, in the light of that book, I was thinking that business is very straight-forward indeed and I wonder if it is perhaps because of this fact that we humans sometimes feel the need to overcomplicate things.

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