How to Become an Early Riser

When I had a full time day job, I would often do two hours work before I left for the office. These days, I can please myself when I work because I now concentrate full time on my web site. However, I still get up at around the same time each day – usually around 6.00 am and without the need to set an alarm clock. If I am away from home, staying in a hotel, I will generally still awaken at the same time and this is almost irrespective of what time I decide to turn in.

However, I have not always been an early riser. It started when I met my wife who always got up at about 6.00 am, about two hours before she needed to, in my opinion. At first, I found it a mild irritation. I would be still trying to get some shut-eye whilst she would be washing her hair, using that noisy hair dryer and be busy and engaged with the day – a definite mornings person.

After a while, I started getting up at the same time, mainly because I found it difficult to sleep after that time. When I awoke I would usually prefer not to speak for a period of about half an hour. I considered it to be a kind of vow of silence. Then I liked to have two cups of tea. The first one taken immediately upon rising, the second cup, I would have with my breakfast. After that, I would feel awake and ready to engage with the day.

After years of getting up at 6.00 am, I realise that those first two hours of the day have been very productive for me over the past seven years. Essentially, that was one of the keys to building my website business whilst holding down a full time job. If you are not a mornings person, just like me, you can definitely become one. It takes discipline, but when you are in the swing, you will wake at the same time each day, just as you do now, only earlier.

What I discovered was that, because I was not a mornings person, what I needed was a little time to come around to the day, hence my vow of silence and my two cups of tea routine. The cure was to give myself that time by getting up earlier. By the time I got to work, when I was already cooking on gas, I would be often amazed to see people who would come in late and then proceed to eat their breakfast at their office desks after 9.00 am. That was the reason the boss eventually chucked the toaster away as I recall.

So the thing is that becoming an early riser is incredibly beneficial in many ways and once you have reprogrammed your sleep patterns, the habit will stay with you for life. How do you do it? It is just the same process as forming any habit. If you manage to get up at 6.00 am every day for a period of 30 days you will be well on the way to forming a habit that will serve you for the rest of your life.

My Top Tips for Becoming an Early Riser:

  • Go to bed when you feel tired, regardless of the time
  • Put the alarm in a place that requires you to get out of bed to switch it off
  • When you awaken, get up right away
  • Whatever time is right for you, get up the same time every day
  • Use the time you create productively
  • Walk the dog early – it is genuinely the most beautiful time of day

Do it for 30 days and watch your life begin to change for the better.

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  1. Paa

    Eish i have been trying it for the past 4 months now but failing to do it, im always late..and wake up feeling tired…but thanks aniways will give it my best shot !!!

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