Enneagram Type 6 – The Trooper/Guardian

The Trooper is also known as the Guardian by some teachers involved in the Enneagram. This personality type is always seeking to avoid danger. Their underlying motivation is a deep rooted lack of self confidence so they seek out groups with well defined values.

The positive side of this personality type is that they make fantastic friends and companions. They are loyal, courageous and totally dedicated to their group of friends. They genuinely care for others and work to make the world a better place for everyone to enjoy.  Warmth and affection come naturally as does a good sense of humor. They value status and work very hard to attain it.

Acutely aware of where the danger is in the environment, there are both phobic and counter-phobic sixes. Phobic sixes tend to avoid danger whereas counter-phobic sixes are aware of danger but also prepared to deal with it head on. A high number of counter-phobic sixes are to be found in what might be considered dangerous occupations.

As this personality type lacks self confidence, they can have a blinding faith in authority. They will follow the authority figure regardless, adopting a position of “they will know best”. When asked to make spontaneous contributions to decision making, they are often indecisive and speak haltingly as they question what they are saying. They are often apprehensive, insecure and anxious and need to feel that they fit with their group.

Do you fit this personality type? Try these questions:

  • Do you love entertaining people in the comfort of your home?
  • Do you prefer to have a day full of activities and hate having free time as you are not sure how to spend it?
  • Do you find it difficult to make decisions, preferring others to do it for you?
  • Do you prefer an authoritarian boss who lays out very strict rules for you to follow rather than a more laid back boss who likes delegating responsibility and decision making to you?

If you fit into this personality type, try these tips:

  • Avoid procrastination by setting yourself deadlines for achievement of specific goals.
  • Don’t avoid a task just because the instructions are confusing – instead, ask for clarification.
  • Seek feedback from a group of trusted friends and family so that you can deal with your self confidence issues.

Having a strong conscience and being faithful to others is preferable to being helpless and unsure of yourself.

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