Enneagram Type 7 – The Dreamer/Epicure

These people believe that the world is full of opportunities and spend all their time and energy searching for solutions to make life easier. They are highly intuitive people with high energy levels – they find it difficult to relax as they are so absorbed fitting together the pieces of life’s puzzle.

Their underlying motivation is a fear of discomfort or pain and they go to great lengths to avoid experiencing these feelings. They are compulsive optimists. There is a solution to every problem – you just have to find it.

From a positive perspective, Dreamers are often visionaries and idealists who may have the means to solve our global problems.  They believe that everyone is good at heart even if it takes a machine to dig deep enough to find it. By trusting in their fellow man, they tend to bring out the best in people. They make ideal entrepreneurs as they don’t believe in failure and will change tack at a moment’s notice if that is required.

But Dreamers often find it difficult to see a project through to the end. The more successful ones generally employ another personality type to undertake this task as they acknowledge their weakness. Dreamers crave pleasure which they get by pursuing new challenges. This personality type has been linked to the “deadly” sin of gluttony as they will feed their addiction to pleasure above and beyond almost everything else.

So do you fit the Dreamer role?

  • Do you immediately start looking for solutions when you are presented with a problem even if it belongs to someone else?
  • Can you talk to anyone? Do people seek you out at dinner parties and other social occasions? Were you the most popular kid in school?
  • Do people often comment on how “gifted” you are?

Tips for dealing with the negative side of the dreamer type:

  • Make it a specific goal to follow through one task from beginning to the end.
  • Recognize that having multiple projects on the go at one time can be a way of trying to escape from reality.
  • Stop thinking that anyone who disagrees with you is criticizing you. Constructive criticism is often useful.

If you find yourself acting eccentrically or living in fantasy, embrace your real life and find reasons to be optimistic and radiate good cheer in life.

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