Tony Robbins: 3 Ways to Effect Success

I came across this video of Tony Robbins talking bout his three steps for effecting success. It doesn’t matter what area of your life you want to make successful, the principles are the same. According to Tony, you need the following three things.

  • A Success Strategy
  • A New Story
  • A Better State of Mind

A Success Strategy

We are not short of strategies, Tony says. They are everywhere. We have books, courses, products and services. They are readily accessible to anyone looking to find out what to do to achieve success. You need to find the best strategies; the ones that are already proven and can get you where you want to be, quickest and with least hassle.

A New Story

We all have our own story. A bad story means you are not going to find the right strategy or use it. For example, if you believe that you have ‘tried everything’ then you are not going to find the strategy you need. The truth is that if other people are succeeding, then you clearly have not tried everything; you have not tried what works; you have not tried the things that successful people are trying. So you need to dump the ‘I’ve tried everything’ story and get a better one for yourself.

A Better State of Mind

The state of mind that you are in, says Tony, determines your story. When you are in the right state of mind, everything is good, everything is going for you, nothing is wrong. Attitude is everything and our normal state of mind is just a habit. If we have the wrong state of mind, habitually, then we never write the right story, we therefore never find the right strategy. We need to dump our habitually poor attitude, if we have one, in favour of a better one that is more in alignment with achieving our goals.

In Summary

So, there you go; three simple steps from Tony Robbins for achieving success. You need to do them in reverse order:

  • Get your Attitude Right (Develop an ‘I Can Do It’ Attitude)
  • Get Your Story (Beliefs about what is possible for you) Right
  • Find the Best Strategies

And then take massive action on the success strategies you identify

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