Stats: My Results Are In

As you may recall from last month, I wanted to test the effect of a sustained posting campaign on my Adsense stats this month. This came about because I had noticed a strong correlation between my posting schedule and my Adsense revenue. Of course, in order to produce something meaningful, I needed to effect a big increase in post count, so I decided to try to get 60 posts published this month.

As it turned out, I only managed to write 39 posts. Having settled on a word length of around 1000 words as being the ideal post length and also wanting to write something actually worth reading, it makes it quite difficult to get more that that done; not impossible, but difficult, especially since I have other projects going on at the same time. However, 39 posts in a single month is a significant improvement over my November and December productivity.

So let’s first take a look at what that effort actually did to the site traffic:

January 2012 Visitors

There is no question in my mind that the increase in visitors (traffic) for the month of January can be directly attributed to my increased productivity in terms of blog posts. Now the question I was also interested in answering was, would that also increase my Adsense revenue, and the answer to that question can be quite clearly seen in the following graph:

January 2012 Adsense

The answer is yes! Since my Adsense conversion rate tends to be fairly static, it should really come as no surprise. Of course the figures need to be read with care because there are other factors that affect Adsense income, such as click value which does vary quite a lot from month to month.

The following graph shows my combined income for the current financial year:

January 2012 Stats

This month, in addition to Adsense revenue being up, my ‘affiliate’ account shows a healthy increase. This was for two reasons. Firstly, I did a joint venture (JV) with another marketer which accounted for about half of the increase. Secondly, I launched The Bible Secret as a special offer to my subscribers, and that accounted for the remainder.

All in all, it was a very good month. Not quite a record month, but still my second best ever. Looking at the growth for the past two quarters, I can see we are currently growing at about 17%. Again, very healthy. If you want to know how I do all this, get my book Infomarketing Made Easy which contains everything I wish I had known myself when I started my online adventure.

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