Shootings in America – Take This Sick Facebook Page Down!

Let me begin by saying that I hesitated to make this post because I do not wish to give publicity to something that certainly does not warrant it. However, on balance, I felt that something needed to be done and, the only way to get it done is to make an appeal for right-thinking people to take action.

Following the recent, dreadful events in America in which 26 people, including 20 young children, were killed by 20 year-old Adam Lanz at a Connecticut Elementary School, some idiot has posted a hugely offensive picture on his Facebook page. The motivation for such insensitivity can only be that he is deliberately attempting to use controversy to get visitors to his page.

This disgusting image is being propagated across the web right now and it needs to be taken down. So today, I am asking Inspiration readers to help.

Will you please visit the page in question and report it to Facebook? Please watch the video (above) which explains exactly what you need to do. We don’t want this kind of stuff on the internet and it really has no place on Facebook. If enough people report the page, I feel sure it will be taken down, so I do hope you will help.

Click Here to visit this page.

Please follow the instructions in the video above.

The petition page mentioned in the video is here if you would prefer to sign it instead or in addition. That page says that “[Facebook] will not remove it, as it does not violate their rules.” However, if enough people tell Facebook that this kind of thing is completely unacceptable, perhaps they will revise their policies.

11 thoughts on “Shootings in America – Take This Sick Facebook Page Down!

  1. Cynthia

    Thank you for your opinion Will! I agree & have taken action & shared.

  2. Jay Gittens

    Hi Will

    Thanks for sharing this.
    While I believe in freedom of speech I also believe this post to be extremely disrespectful and I agree it should be taken down.


  3. douglas wallace

    (Not true, Only to provoke thought)
    I want to shut down all Christian Facebook sites.They are very offensive to me as a (Atheist, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, etc.) I am going to Report them for harrassing and bullying me for my faith.
    Yes it is offensive.
    No I will not sign.

  4. Will Edwards Post author

    Hi Barry

    I genuinely appreciate your point hence my initial reluctance to post, as I mentioned. However, the internet is largely unregulated at the moment and that allows for all kinds of activity, that very many people would find offensive, to go completely unchallenged. If the majority fails to speak up when things get out of hand, there will clearly be consequences attached to those choices that are bound to shape the future of the internet.

    The fact is that the internet needs to find its way. In principle, we don’t want censorship, but I am sure you would accept that certain things are not appropriate for certain audiences and so some kind of regulation is not only necessary, in my view, but long overdue.

    I feel that organisations like Facebook have a responsibility to listen to people and change their policies if necessary. If people like you and I decide to not speak-up when we see something is clearly wrong, then neither can we complain later when our voice was never heard in the discussion on the future of the web.


  5. Roger

    Hi Will,

    Reported the page, but why does Facebook take so long to take these things down? There is other sick stuff on there as well, they should close his account.


  6. Barry

    I will not vote to have it removed. I feel the right to freedom of speech outweighs my disappointment in the image.

    The other thing I find disturbing is everyone’s inability to simply “change the channel”. Why is a disturbing image allowed to grab so much attention and be FUELED INTO PROMINENCE, by the very people who insist it should be gone?

    I would have never known about this image if it had not been for you. Think about that….

  7. Harrison

    The Photos are inhuman which any normal being could have courage to send on the net. kindly consider to remove it from the circulation on the internet.

  8. Alex

    Thanks Will. There is not much that I would censor in “Free Speech” but this is gross and cynical. I signed.

  9. Ken Annakin

    Unfortunately, material such as this will be used as a powerful argument to regulate the internet. But, let’s be clear, this Facebook user’s notoriety will only be enhanced if people visit the page.

    There is a wider picture to be grasped. We’re in revulsion about the massacre, but, without diminishing that in any way, it is but a symptom of the disease of Godlessness in our Western societies. The greater the unbelief, the greater the mess we get into, and people inevitably get hurt.

    Jesus of Nazareth gave us but one command – preach the Gospel, the rest is up to Him, and He’s done a pretty good job when we’ve obeyed.

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