Predictions: 2012 – Part 2

After making my previous post on the  subject of 2012, I have begun to do a bit more research into the Mayan calendar and there is no question about it, there seems to be quite a bit of hogwash floating around right now about 2012. For example, I watched a video that looked very convincing. It cited the Hopi Indians, the Mayans, The Egyptians, The Chinese and various other cultures as all predicting that in 2012 something catastrophic would happen. It seemed very professional and it certainly got my attention.

But then, the video suggested that the entire solar system could be sucked into a black hole and – here’s the bit that caused me to chuckle – that would apparently cause earthquakes and tidal waves. I hardly feel the need to comment, but I will anyway. As anyone with any understanding of what a black hole is will understand, if our solar system were to be sucked into one, earthquakes and floods would be the very least of our worries ;).

As if that comment was not hilarious enough by itself, he concluded that as we enter this ‘new age’ our thoughts would play a major part in the outcome. Is this guy serious? Sadly, he appears to be. So I suppose that he will eventually be able to say that we collectively managed to avert the catastrophe by thinking good thoughts. At least it will save him rewriting his entire website.

The Fifth Age of Man

Many new agers point out that we are moving into the Age of Aquarius. We are coming to the end of the Age of Pisces, the 5th age of man. Apparently the Mayan calendar consists of seven such ages based on precession of the equinoxes in the zodiac.

So, is the ending of an age particularly significant? Well, again I am no expert, but if we are coming to the end of the 5th age of man, then we must also have, in the past, come to the end of the first, second third and fourth ages without facing a catastrophe of the magnitude predicted by some.


Nostradamus, with his quatrains, has supposedly predicted many wars, famines, dictators and various innovations. His prophesies include one about a great comet that would apparently strike the Earth and wreak the same kind of destruction as may have happened at the time of the Dinosaurs. Some people are associating this prediction with 2012.

Well again, I am not an expert, but my view is that the prophesies of Nostradamus are written in such a way as to allow you read into them pretty much what you choose.

The Rapture

Every now and again, someone is bound to be predicting the date of the Rapture, so there are people predicting that 2012 is the date the anti-christ will reveal himself to the world and at that time, the Rapture will occur. That’s when, according to Christian literalists, Christ will meet with his followers in the air.

After that, there will be a huge battle between the forces of good and evil culminating with God finally defeating Satan and freeing humans from sin forever. But the Bible itself says that no man knows the date or time of these events, so if you want to be a literalist, you can confidently ignore such warnings about 2012 as being blatantly wrong according to scripture itself.

The End of the 13th Baktun

The ancient Mayan calendar apparently indicates that we are coming to the end of the 13th Baktun. But even amongst the scaremongers nobody can seem to agree if that means the beginning of something, as in a new age, or the end of something, as in the world as we know it.

Just so you know what a Baktun is, it is a unit of time equal to 144,000 days in the Mayan system:

  • 1 Day = 1 K’in
  • 20 Days = 1 Winal
  • 360 Days = 1 Tun
  • 7,200 Days = 1 K’atun
  • 144,000 Days = 1 B’ak’tun

Now, I am not any kind of expert on the matter, so take it for what it is. However, after the 13th Baktun has ended, I confidently predict that the 14th Baktun will begin – that’s it.

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