Patricia’s Big Rocks!

Contextual adsertising is, by and large, a great thing for website and blog owners. Though I have sometimes heard it referred to as ‘welfare for bloggers’ the Adsense program from Google is one of the most reliable (and certainly the easiest) ways that this site makes money.

The way it works is that, once you are accepted to Google’s program, you put a piece of Javascript on your site and the Google robot figures out what your pages are about and then serves up context relevant advertising. At least in principle, this makes the ads attractive to your audience because the advertising should actually match the interests of your visitors.

The program is one of the things I recommend to people who enrol for my personal mentoring course. Of course, we cover a lot of other things. But I like to get people actually making a profit as quickly as possible and Adsense is an excellent way of doing that.

They do a very good job of serving ads but, just occasionally, the ads that show up are not exactly what you would wish for and, again occasionally, someone will email me to ask me why such ads are present on my site.

But something I wanted to mention to you was that sometimes you do have to laugh at the contextual advertising that shows up. For example, a while back, I wrote a blog post entitled ‘Big Rocks and Beer’. As any fan of Stephen Covey will know, the reference to ‘big rocks’ in the title concerns this story.

What made me laugh was the advert that showed up on that page. It was a picture of scantily clad Patricia who apparently lost 2st 8 lbs – complete with before and after shots featuring those ‘big rocks’ that the Adsense robot had apparently misinterpreted.

That’s the problem with robots – one track minds!

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