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Just recently I added a Top Commentators list to the sidebar of my blog. It’s my way of saying thank you to people who would like to join in the discussion on the things I decide to write about. Let’s face it, we all have opinions and I think it is very healthy to acknowledge that it is probably the case that nobody is absolutely right about anything. Discussion is always useful therefore because it helps us to understand different perspectives.

So, if you make a useful and relevant contribution of a couple of short paragraphs or more, you get automatically added to our sidebar when your comment is approved. And, for those people who are running personal development site or blog of some kind, this is a remarkably easy way to get a relevant, PR3 link from a quality site. It should go without saying that we won’t approve spammers and, of course, I do hope the main reason you might want to comment is because you would like to participate in the discussion, nevertheless, a bit of link love never did anyone any harm eh?

By the way, if you do run your own blog, you might like to consider adding the Top Commentators widget to your sidebar too. Why? Because, you will attract comments and that is s goof thing for your other visitors. They will be more encouraged to join in with the discussion if they can see others doing so. You will also be getting more mileage out of each of your blog posts and finally, Google will be pleased to see your blog growing more quickly. All in all, it’s a nice win-win solution – the kind of thing I am always looking for. The widget is a WordPress plug-in and you can get it here.

3 thoughts on “Our Top Commentators

  1. David

    Hi Will

    Thanks for that little extra incentive to get involved in the debate. I have been looking around the web for inspriation for my website on the topic of self esteem, and your site is very much of interest to me.

    I dont know about you, but I think that low self esteem can be one of the biggest blocks to personal development and achieving your dreams. It was a problem for me a lot in my earlier life, but never to the extent it can hold some people back.

    Thanks again for your site. I look forward to getting involved in a lot of debates with you and the other commentators.


  2. LS

    Thanks for both for the idea (as a blog owner) and also the implementation here (and therefore the link). While you may not think that my website, dedicated to the topic of Learning Spanish is about ‘Personal Development’ at first, it really is. For discovering a whole other language is also about discovering a whole new perspective on the world and about expanding the paths your mind travels down.

    I also enjoy reading about personal development because as an entrepreneur, one needs to understand goal setting, self-confidence, vision, life purpose, and other topics that I see fall under your list of Categories.

    Good luck expanding your reach. I will return for another visit to your pond.

  3. Will Edwards

    Hi Anne

    Thanks for your comments – they are appreciated. And I do actually agree with what you said about learning Spanish, or any language for that matter, that it is an aspect of personal development. In fact, we even have a free book on that subject here …

    Learn Spanish Free

    Best wishes,

    Will 🙂

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