My Higher Self: Our First Conversation

Recently, I have been thinking about the concept of the Higher Self, the idea that we have a version of ourselves, within us, that is our true self; an intelligent state of mind that I remember Deepak Chopra describe as being in touch with the divine essence.

Getting in touch with your Higher Self is something that can be achieved through disciplines like meditation, introspection and prayer. My own favourite method involves going for a walk with the dog, somewhere inspiring. It is not a question of being alone with your thoughts – that’s conscious thinking – it is more a question of being alone … without your thoughts.

But today, I decided that I wanted to try something different. I wondered if I might actually conduct an interview with my Higher Self. So here I am (right now) wondering if I am going nuts as I sit down with an open mind, wondering whether or not to invite an opening comment. After a few moments, I decide it might be better if I make a start.

Here is the conversation:

“So, the first thing I am wondering is: do you have a name? I mean, if we are to have a little chat from time to time, it might be very tiresome having to refer to you as Higher Self all the time – right?”

“You can call me whatever you want Will; whatever you find convenient for the purpose.”

“Right, we seem to be off the mark then. But was that really you answering me or am I actually going nuts?”

“One thing is for sure, Will, you are definitely not going nuts; that happened many years ago.”

“We seem to have the same sense of humour, so perhaps this is just going to be me talking to myself after all. But in any case, I’ll go along with it for a while and see where it leads. So, if I can call you anything I want, I would like to give you a name. How about Hal?”

“Hal – ah after the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey?”

“Well, firstly, it’s a short name, secondly I like it and thirdly, it begins with the letter H. So, no, nothing to do with the movie.”

“Hal it is then. So, Will, do you have a particular question for me today?”

“Hmmm, let me think … how about, do you think you will be able to help me to achieve my goals and indeed, are you willing to help?”

“Of course I can help you and as for being willing, you shouldn’t need to ask that question. Who do you think you were communicating with when you sat down that day at Clevedon and wrote out your vision, mission and those four big goals? Surely you realise that you were not alone in that exercise. You needed to think deeply about what was most important in your life and it is in those moments that I am best able to help you.”

“Oh ok, so we’ve spoken before then?”

“Yes, of course, we have been in constant communication ever since, as a young boy, you were first able to look, enquiringly, at the world, though, of course, we have never spoken in quite the way we are doing right now.”

“Well, I feel I need a better question then. So how about … where do you feel I am stuck right now and what do you think I should do about it?”

“Will, you are stuck with the mechanics of marketing and the consequence is that you are being drawn away from your core purpose which is, as you know, to encourage people. As for what you should do about it, you need to understand that you now know everything you need to know about marketing on the internet. You are streets ahead of many people because you have a business that actually works and most people who try to create an online income never actually get there.”

“So, you are saying that it is time for me to return to the core of what White Dove Books is about?”

“Yes – that’s exactly what you should be doing. There are new books to be written to help those people who are open to your guidance. Remember that you are here to help them. To a very large extent, you can dismiss thoughts of whether or not there will be a demand for your work. Instead, you need to focus on providing the help and encouragement your readers need in order to achieve their goals.”

“Thank you Hal.”

“You’re welcome. I will be around whenever you feel the need to chat some more about this or anything else. Remember, it’s best to come with a question. That’s the best way for me to help.”

So that was it. It was an interesting conversation, at least for me. Whether I was speaking with my Higher Self or not, the essence of what Hal said had not been on my mind, so I can certainly see how this technique might be of benefit to me in the future and I feel sure there will be more conversations with Hal in the future.

If you can open your mind to this idea, perhaps you would like to try it too and see where it leads. You know something? You might be surprised.

3 thoughts on “My Higher Self: Our First Conversation

  1. Janet

    Some years ago I went on a silent retreat. I was feeling very stressed and had lots of unanswered questions in my life. Several days into my retreat I remember distinctly asking “myself” the questions that were troubling me. and like a bullet the answers, all common sense, came back to me before I even had time to think of an answer for myself. I always felt that it was my inner self that I was getting in touch with, or as you refer to it maybe it was my higher self. I knew intuitively that the answers were inspired. They weren’t necessarily what I would have expected or what I wanted to hear but they turned out to be spot on! They certainly weren’t as a result of my own thought process.

  2. Michael

    “The essence of what Hal said had not been on my mind” I think this was the core of the conversation. If you had not started it you wouldn’t have come to the understanding you have now. I still want to believe that my Higher self is Who I call the Holy Spirit.

  3. Joe

    Talking to oneself – the first sign of madness..? Or perhaps just a step in the progress process! Nice post anyway 🙂

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