Law of Attraction Tips

Here are some absolutely top Law of Attraction tips for you. If you let this stuff sink in and rigidly follow these tips, you will be amazed to find that your future life, as detailed in your mental picture, will begin to move toward you with ever increasing speed. Everything here is important so make sure you don’t miss anything out.

The Law of Attraction is the principle that like attracts like. How it works and why it works are subjects for another post. In this article, I just want to provide you with practical advice. In fact, you don’t actually need to know how or why something works in order to benefit from it. Think about turning on the TV for example. How does that image get on the screen?

Actually on reflection, it is probably a much better idea to think about turning the TV off. We need to watch less of that thing because all the hours you spend in front of it are largely just wasted and could be used much more profitably, so I guess that could be counted as Tip #1 and I have nine other great tips for you below.

However, the point I wanted to make was that you don’t need to understand about LEDs, Signals and Dishes in order to watch the telly. You just need to know how to turn it on. Exactly the same is true with The Law of AttractionRemember, you don’t need to understand why this works. Just do it and you will see your life gradually beginning to change for the better.

Know What You Want

The process of attracting what you want is predicated on you first knowing what you want. You might think this is obvious, but, when you come right down to it, a lot of people simply don’t know what they really want. Sure, you want a happy, abundant, exciting life. We all want that. You need to be a lot more specific with regard to your wishes. So come on, get your thinking cap on: what do you really want?

Build the Right Mental Image

When you decide what you really want, remember that things will come to you via established economic means. If you want a nice house or a nice car or even if you just want money, then all of that is well and good and you can have those things in your ideal picture of your future life. But, don’t make them the object of your focus. Instead, figure out what service you will render in exchange for those things and focus on that.

Put it on the Fridge

When you know what your ideal future looks like and you have constructed your mental picture as accurately as you can, make a vision board. This is just a fancy name for a physical picture. You can draw it yourself (that’s what I do), you can cut out pictures from magazines and make a collage or you can use some fancy software for the purpose if you wish. But create that picture of your future life and when you have done that, put it somewhere you can see it regularly. Put it on the fridge or anywhere that you will see it regularly and often.

Stay in Motion

Many people get this bit wrong, so here is a real key for you. You will recreate the ideal picture that you previously mentally created by assembling all of the things that are in it. They will come to you (that’s the good news), but not by magic. There will be lots of effort required on your part (that’s the bad news) to materialise those things. When you focus on your vision regularly, the way will begin to open up to you. When you become aware of something that needs to be done, do it. Say focussed on that picture (that’s what everyone is telling you) but also stay in motion (very important).

Count Your Blessings

They won’t materialise overnight but, the things that are a part of your picture are all on the way, so you have every reason to be grateful for them now. This is a way of exercising faith. Learn to have a grateful heart and to be thankful for the life and all the things in your picture that are coming your way, especially before you ever receive them. Whenever you feel a little despondent, start counting your blessings. Be optimistic. Stay positive and know that it is all on the way.

Review Your Vision

From time to time, review your vision. As the life you imagine gradually begins to come into being, you will from time to time, need to review your vision. Personally, I like to work to a five year horizon when I construct an ideal picture. The actual time for reality to change may well be more or less than five years, but that’s the timeframe I like to use for constructing my vision. Once things are almost in place, it is time to look again toward the horizon – the next five years.

Remember to Cock a Deaf’n

When you need advice, make sure you ask an expert. Everyone will have an opinion on almost every matter under the sun but most of it will be uninformed. The vast majority of the people around you will never have accomplished what you are setting out to achieve especially if you are dreaming big (and I hope you are) so their opinion is largely worthless. The only people who’s advice you should be interested in heeding are those who have already done what you are trying to do. Remember the frogs and the impossible task?

Celebrate Your Progress

There will be milestones. You may plan them especially if you are a project-oriented person. But even if you don’t, there will still be milestones that mark your progress. As you reach each milestone, make sure you celebrate it. You will have worked very hard to get there and it will do you good every now and then to look back down that winding road you trod, the path that brought you to where you are. Take a short rest and celebrate before going back to your work with renewed vitality, encouraged by what you have already achieved.

Never Give Up

Don’t get me wrong here. Sometimes, you need to dump a fruitless activity because it is just not producing the effects you want. Such a decision would be very wise. We are not talking about being stubborn. In fact you need to be flexible. You are not changing the destination (your vision or ideal mental picture) when you decide to take a different route. There are likely to be many different routes to your goal. Stay flexible with regard to the route you take, but remain committed to achieving your goals.

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