Law of Attraction: The Secret

Do you still subscribe to popular myths that only serve to muddle the secret of the law of attraction? Here is a rundown of the usual myths to enlighten you on what can or cannot work and help you make better choices in life.

1. The secret is to visualize what you want and wish hard for it

This is one attraction myth that has generated plenty of controversy. People think that just merely visualizing and NOT working towards a goal is enough to do the job. For example: a person who wishes to go on a luxury cruise will just sit in his comfy chair staring at a travel cruise brochure and imagining perfect days lounging on the deck of the ship sipping cocktails and flirting with the other passengers. After months of visualization have passed and he doesn’t see results, he is then quick to blame attraction authors and advocates for their “false preaching”, when in fact he is to blame for not lifting a finger – such as working to save money – to make his dream cruise come true.

2. The secret is to engage in magic

An attraction myth that people take too far by consulting fortune tellers and voodoo practitioners in this day and age when the real magic and miracles occur through sheer hard work! You are an adult who should no longer believe in fairy tales and witchcraft but instead believe that you can make things happen not with a Fairy Godmother or benevolent witch but by applying practical steps to achieve a goal. So for instance, you are a young woman who would like to attract a certain man and get him to ask you out on a date. Rather than wasting money on magical mumbo-jumbo to make him notice and fall for you, why not spend it on a makeover at the beauty salon?

3. The secret is what you think, not what you feel

Let’s say you’re thinking of getting a high-paying job so you can pay off your debts. The problem is, you are willing to accept ANY high-paying job, even if it means working twelve hours a day and foregoing holidays and a social life. You think it’s what you want, but deep down in your heart, it’s not what you really want or are ready for. So this conflict between the heart and the head can really pose problems on getting what you want. You need to align your heart and mind’s goals in order to be effective at achieving what you want.

4. The secret is to feel good or be happy all the time

People who believe in this attraction myth are fearful that even a tinge of sadness can totally sabotage their chances at achieving what they want. They take the advice of thinking positively too rigidly by seeing it as something that you should be doing one hundred percent of the time. This, of course, is highly impossible! Life is full of challenges and all of us experience bad days; there’s just no way of avoiding them. Experiencing negative feelings are part and parcel of being human. So give yourself room to grieve or be angry, then move on from there.

5. The secret is that you can create anything you want at anytime

The best things in life are worth working hard for and are not something we can just easily conjure on a whim. If you’re a talented fashion designer and want to create a fabulous evening gown with intricate beading and the works, you must realize that such an elegant creation takes time to create, no matter how skilled or talented your team of seamstresses are. Some great creations just can’t be rushed, unless you literally crack the whip on your team and deprive them of sleep!

If you really analyze matters, getting what you want using the law of attraction requires a more active stance at working towards goals. If you’re still applying mythical and passive methods into your routine, stop right there and get back to reading this article to knock some sense into your head. The universe rewards people with a strong work ethic and common sense, not those who spend their lives daydreaming in one corner.

Article by Erin D Stoddard

Learn about the secret of the law of attraction and how to apply it in your life. Get rid of all preconceived notions and superstitions to get the life you’ve always wanted.

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