Internet Marketing: This is Why you Aren’t Succeeding!

Today, I saw a Tweet with the title ‘This is why you aren’t succeeding at Internet Marketing’ and my reaction was something like … ‘yawn’ … how many times have I seen that title before … or something very similar’? I passed on the opportunity to click the link and read the article.

It was only after I had clicked away to get on with something else that I thought to myself – and here is when I realised something profound – that title no longer applies to me! You see, I am not failing at Internet Marketing; I am actually succeeding. As far as the title is concerned, it is a good title; it just doesn’t apply to me any longer.

But the thing is, that title does apply to around 95% to 97% of people. The fact is that most people who try to create an online income, actually do indeed fail. There are many reasons but I think perhaps the biggest single reason is that they jump too soon.

Firstly, they jump in too soon. They get all fired up and excited about the prospect of making money and so without much thought, they get their website or blog started, they create content, they solicit links and they read and learn. They perhaps invest some money in promotion too and eventually they end up pulling their hair out because it is just not working.

The problem is often that they did not do enough research prior to starting their site and therefore they ended up in the wrong niche!

The second biggest reason people fail is that they jump too soon. ‘Hang on a minute Will,’ I can hear you say ‘I thought you said that was the first reason?’ Yes – I did – and it’s the second reason too. Let me explain.

You see, they don’t just jump in too quickly; they also jump out too quickly. I would argue that even with a badly chosen niche, you can still make enough money to quit your day job. There you go – not many people would every say that would they? But it’s true! At my main site, I made all the classic mistakes and yet I still managed to create an online income – you know, despite my lack of initial research.

It’s not the shortcut to success for sure, but a good blog will attract readers and some of those readers will become your fans and some of those people will buy from you – simple – not easy; simple! They key here is to dominate the market. If you chose a poor idea, the good news is that the competition will be much less fierce. Your competition will largely consist of other people who don’t know what they are doing and that means, if you stay committed, you will beat them and that’s exactly what I did.

In summary, there are two lessons to take away here if you are interested in making money online. Firstly, don’t jump in too quickly: make sure you do your proper niche research and make sure the niche you are going to enter is profitable. Secondly, when you are in it – whatever it is – stick with it. Put your all into it. Let the others drop out, but make sure you stay the course. If you are failing at internet marketing, these are very likely to be the main reasons – this is why you aren’t succeeding (yet) at Internet Marketing!

If you want to see what’s possible for you, take a look at my video.

3 thoughts on “Internet Marketing: This is Why you Aren’t Succeeding!

  1. Will Edwards Post author

    Hi Stephen

    There’s no way you should think about jumping – you have a great blog and I know our readers really appreciate it too.

    Will 🙂

  2. Patricia Weber

    Will this is definitely worthwhile advice. I like blogging and I hope to find the monetization of it sooner, not later.

    Thanks for this inspirational post.

  3. Stephen Guise

    Hi Will,

    I think you’re right. I took the “make money blogging” goal a lot slower than most, experimenting with adsense and dabbling with affiliate marketing. It certainly didn’t amount to much, but it isn’t why I write either.

    I would love to do this for a living, but if it remains a hobby, that’s fine with me too. This perspective allows me to be patient as I develop my own products to sell. Then again, those who set out to make money first and blog second are going to be more intent to make money. And no, I’m not saying that makes their content inferior – hard work and passion can coexist with the desire to make money.

    Thanks for sharing your expertise Will. I’m not going to jump out too soon! 🙂

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