Dalai Lama on Religious Differences

The above video is actually a few years old, but I only recently came across it on YouTube and thought I would post it here because, in addition to being quite funny, I think it makes a very important point and, even if not entirely intended, does so in a very memorable way.

Speaking about religious differences, the Dalai Lama seems to be quite outspoken in the video. At first, I wondered if he had decided to come out in favour of the repeal of Section 5. But then, I realised that it was simply his accent that was responsible for making the above interview so entertaining. Just to be clear, he actually said, “I think we should forget about religious differences.”

The teacher may be just a tad embarrassed by the video, but personally I don’t think he should be. If it get’s his message of tolerance broadcast to a wider audience, then I am glad he made that slight slip. Returning to a theme that is more traditionally recognisable as his teaching, he went on to say that “warmheartedness is a universal value” and that we are all human beings and everybody needs a little of it.

There is no question that the world needs more tolerance because it is intolerance that causes conflict; not religious division. Regarding religious division, I find myself in complete agreement with the Dalai Lama. I am even tempted to add … however you decide to interpret his teaching.

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