Can I Double Your Online Business for You?

Regulars here will know that I am always trying to come up with win-win ideas. Today, I came up with another great idea and it represents a very good opportunity for just a few people who may wish to work with me. As usual, this idea will benefit you (if you are the person I am looking for) and it will also benefit me – that is the real essence of a win-win idea.

My idea will really only appeal to a very small number of people and I am hoping that somewhere out there, reading my Newsletter, there will be someone who fits the bill. Of those people who would like to partner with me – which will naturally be a minority of those receiving the Newsletter – for this particular idea, I have very strict requirements for the person (or persons) I can work with.

It is not my intention to make this cryptic though, after a quick re-read, perhaps it is beginning to sound that way. Let me say that for the right person, I can have a significant impact on your business (possibly even double your business) almost instantly. In a nutshell, that is what is in it for you. But, you need to qualify and, if you don’t, then please accept my apologies upfront.

This idea will only work, for us both, if you have a business of a similar size to my own and within the same niche, which is, of course, personal development. So let me tell you about the person (or possibly up to 4 people) I am looking for:

  • You Must Have a Regularly Updated (Ideally Daily) Blog
  • Your Blog Must be Top Quality
  • You Must be Serving the Personal Development Niche
  • You Must Have a Subscriber Base of Around 10K People

That’s what I am looking for. If you fit the bill and you are interested in partnering with me, then I would be very keen to hear from you. If you want to partner with me and your numbers are slightly adrift, then write to me anyway and we’ll talk. If you numbers are way off, then this idea simply won’t work for you (or me).

Please contact me here if this interests you. Send me details of your blog, so I can take a quick look, and also include your Skype username so we can chat.

N.B. As usual, I will endeavour to reply to everyone who contacts me, but please study the above criteria before mailing. If you don’t qualify, please understand that you may not receive a reply.

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