Calvin Nicholls Paper Sculptures

Hedgehog by Calvin Nicholls

© Image Copyright Used with Permission

Having done a bit of origami myself, I can appreciate the many hours of dedication required to produce works like the porcupine above. Strictly, this isn’t origami of course, but it is clearly a related art form. This is an example of the paper sculptures of Calvin Nicholls which are visually stunning.

A very talented artist, Calvin has a great website which I would encourage you to visit to see these amazing works of art for yourself. It is quite astonishing to see what this man can do with paper – I love his work. His working method involves first making a detailed two dimensional pencil drawing of the finished article and then assembling the 3D sculpture using a mixture of paper folding and cut and paste work.

Inspired by family, friends and his high school art teacher, he completed a graphic design program at Sheridan College in Ontario. After graduating, he spent a year in an advertising agency before opening his own design studio in Toronto. His experiments with paper sculpture started in 1984 and before long, paper sculpture became his passion enabling hin to combine his interests in art and wildlife.

Calvin has continued work in this medium ever since and he has created works for advertising campaigns, private collectors, institutions, book publishers, corporate gift companies and galleries. He says he particularly likes the white on white paper sculptures which place emphasis on texture and form, and his porcupine sculpture, shown above, is a wonderful example.

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