Alice’s Bucket List

The Bucket List is a movie, featuring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, in which two terminally ill people decide to compile a list of things they want to do before they finally ‘kick the bucket’; hence the title. I really don’t know how common it is for people to engage in this kind of activity these days, but recently I came across the blog of a 15 year old girl here in the UK, which is a record of her own Bucket List.

Her name is Alice Pyne and she has been battling with cancer for the past four years. Resigned to the reality of her condition, she is attempting to live the remainder of her life with joy.

Here is Alice’s Bucket List (at least, the part she has published):

• DONE – To swim with sharks
• To encourage everyone to sign up to be a Bone Marrow Donor
• To go to Kenya
• DONE – To enter Mabel in a Labrador show
• DONE – To have a photo-shoot with Milly, Clarissa, Sammie and Megs
• DONE – To have a private cinema party for me and my BFFs
• DONE – To design a Emma Bridgewater Mug to sell for charity
• To stay in a caravan
• GOT – To have a purple Apple ipad
• To be a Dolphin Trainer
• DONE – To meet Take That
• To go to Cadbury World and eat loads of chocolate
• To have a nice picture taken with Mabel
• To stay in the chocolate room at Alton Towers
• DONE – To have my hair done
• DONE – To have a back massage
• To go Whale Watching

My own little message to Alice is that the world needs more people like you. It is not the number of years you live that counts, it is what you decide to do with them and you are a shining example to us all.

To my blog readers: there are a few things on Alice’s list that seem very achievable with a little help from the world. So I wonder if anyone reading this might be prepared to help Alice a little. If you can help her to achieve any of these items, please do make contact with her directly.

Oh, and if you can’t, you could still help her just by tweeting or using the Facebook ‘Like’ Button below. That way, her blog will get more visibility and this will increase the chance of her making the right contacts.

One thought on “Alice’s Bucket List

  1. Morgan

    My list
    1. Run away for a day and join the circus.
    2. Take a trip on the Orient Express.
    3. Walk on water.
    4. Build a tree fort with all the accessories.
    5. Write a letter to everyone whom I love.
    6. Visit the North Pole and see Santa’s workshop.
    7. Name a star.
    8. Talk to a politician in Pig Latin.
    9. Be in two places at once.
    10. Compose a song.

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