Top 100 Personal Development Blogs

Today, I got a very nice surprise when Brendan over at the StartofHappiness blog emailed me to let me know that the Inspiration Blog had been rated as one of the Top 100 Personal Development Blogs on the web and, in fact, we are ranked well toward the top of the table.

It is always wonderful to get a little recognition and this list shows we are right up there with the best blogs on the web. However, the list is also a very useful resource in its own right, so I am very grateful to Brendan for compiling it.

The blogs are listed in Alexa ranking order, so effectively, the most trafficked blogs appear at the top of the list. However, he has also included Google pagerank data too. As it happens, The Inspiration Blog is actually page rank 4.

This list will be very useful for anyone operating within the personal development space who wants to Guest Post at the most influential sites – something I know I will personally find very useful indeed.

The Top 100 table is dynamic too. That means you can sort the data by any column, such as page rank or alphabetical order – a very nice touch. See the full list here: Top 100 Personal Development Blogs 2013

So there it is – a great achievement and a wonderful accolade. But we would not be in that list without our valued readers – that’s you! So may I say a big thank you to all Inspiration readers for helping to make this site what it is today and thank you too for all your support over the years – I really do appreciate you.

4 thoughts on “Top 100 Personal Development Blogs

  1. Emmanuel Ayeni

    Good Job Will, and thanks for being an encouragement all the while.Congrats to you and Stephen on this great feat. Sure that list will be helpful to me in knowing the who is who in the personal development niche and of course for back-linking! 🙂 I dream of seeing my inspirational blog there very soon.

  2. Vatsala Shukla

    Congrats Will and Stephen! I saw a couple of other blogs that I read and admire on the list. My blog did not make the list but hey, it is only a little over a year old. Motivated to see myself there next year. :0)

    I am still going to use my boasting rights that I read great blogs!

  3. Will Edwards Post author

    Thank you Stephen. I’m sure Inspiration readers will be glad to see your blog on that list too – well done. You are destined for great things.

  4. Stephen Guise

    I noticed that he got your pagerank incorrect too. Congratulations, you’re right up there in the top echelon! 🙂

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