The Benefit of Thinking Big

You will recall that I have set my financial goal for next year at one million dollars. Well, what I wanted to discuss with you is how that goal is already impacting my thinking. I think it is fair to say that I am an ‘ideas person’ – I am always coming up with new ideas. But, now that my brain knows I am serious about my financial goal, I have noticed a kind of mental shift has occurred in my thinking.

For a start, I have been doing some calculations. Dividing that one million figure by the cost of my various product offerings, I have been figuring out how many of them I would need to sell in order to reach my goal. As one of my products earns me about $230, I realised that I only need to sell 4,348 of them to reach that goal. Dividing that figure by 12, it works out to 362 per month; and dividing again, by 30, it is around 12 product sales per day.

So that started me thinking about how to get just 12 sales per day and the answer is that it could be done with the right affiliates on board. What this means though, is that I would need to offer a generous commission (I am thinking 50% would be fair) and that, of course, doubles the figures in the calculation. We would now need to be selling 24 products per day – but again, this seems doable to me; not easy (don’t get me wrong), but doable.

But – and here was my bright idea – if I were to approach a major marketer who already has the market for this product, perhaps the whole thing could be done very easily. What if I were to offer such a marketer my product so sell to his massive, targeted list? And there I was, just today, thinking about this stuff when the ideal marketer came to mind. My email is right now sitting in his inbox awaiting consideration.

Of course, there would have to be a very good reason for that marketer to even consider my proposal because the kind of outstandingly successful people I am referring to are sure to get all kinds of offers coming their way, pretty-much every day. But, do you know something? I do think I have a very good reason: I am offering to create that person an additional stream of income for no additional work on their part.

If someone approached me with that kind of offer, I would certainly listen; I might not accept, but I would at least listen. So my gut tells me that my idea at least has potential.

Now, whether this person decides to go for my proposal or not is really not the subject of this post; I wanted to point out to you that such an idea is in a different gear to my normal thinking around how to market my business. And I think that, just by setting yourself a really big goal, like mine, you can push yourself to come up with these kinds of ideas too. The kind of ideas you would not normally be thinking about.

It is amazing what our brains will do when we are bold enough and serious enough to set ourselves a target. The bigger the target, the bigger your ideas will be. That is the real benefit of thinking big.

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