Hearts Landing

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Hearts Landing CANVA REV 1 313x500

Only the small town of Hearts Landing stands between Keziah Steelman reaching the upper echelons of Galaxy Corporation. All she has to do is convince the town to approve construction of a mega casino. Since Hearts Landing has lost its major employer, it should be an easy sell.

Unstoppable force meets immovable object in the person of Ric Hudson, Christian leader of the opposition. Armed with handmade posters and mimeographed fliers, Ric seems powerless to combat Galaxy.

But so did David against Goliath. Although Keziah grew up in a Christian home, she trusts in herself, not God. Her plan: go to Hearts Landing, infiltrate the opposition and destroy it from within.

Keziah left the Lord in her past. Secrets from Ric’s past threaten to destroy his future. Can the hearts of this unlikely couple land in a love only God can give?


The Juncture

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In the aftermath of a freak accident, a miraculous event brings Gary Olstrom back to an obscure day in his past; a key juncture in time that he never suspected held any importance. Disoriented and frustrated, he learns that he has only hours to stop something from happening that will irreparably damage the future of everyone he knows and loves.


The Story of My Escape


Europe’s greatest adventurer. Thrown into an escape-proof prison for a crime he probably committed. The question is, which crime?

In 1755, the infamous Giacomo Casanova was locked up without trial in Venice’s notorious Leads prison. Over 15 months he battled disease, madness, boredom, grotesque gaolers, bad books and fellow prisoners, before attempting the most audacious and typically flamboyant escape in history.

This is Casanova’s own account of the escape bid that made him a celebrity across Europe, full of his unique wit and philosophy, translated into English in full for the first time.


Paths to Wholeness: Selections

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Paths to Wholeness Selections - ebook Rectangular Front Cover 830x1080

Find balance, build resilience, and expand your heart as you find your own path to wholeness, aided by this stunning blend of award-winning images, inspirational quotations, and potent reflections on our amazing human experience.

“David Bookbinder is one of those awakened souls whose near-death experience gave him fresh and timeless eyes. He has taken that gift and poured it into Paths to Wholeness: Fifty-Two Flower Mandalas, using innovative photography and heartfelt reflection to surface and praise the mysteries of the inner world.” – Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening


Southern Belle: Love, Purpose & Second Chances


Charlotte Buchanan just graduated from high school and is finally off to college to start her life as a writer. Ever since she was a child, she dreamed of traveling the world and writing award-winning stories about her journeys. A sweet and reserved Southern Belle from Georgia, Charlotte never expected one event to change her fate.

The night before she and Cecilia Crawford, her fun and rebellious childhood best friend, leave for school, she meets a mysterious and handsome guy who challenges her future endeavors. Left with doubt and confusion after his sudden disappearance, Charlotte finds that sometimes life’s unexpected surprises become our most treasured blessings. To accept her fate, she and her best friend will both set out on a journey to find purpose and learn the true meaning of love and second chances.


Dave The Penguin

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A comical story of one penguin’s experiences of the collective mind.

From humble beginnings to ultimate knowledge, spiritual experience, and power – which were all, clearly, given to the wrong penguin.

Some Penguins are born great,
some achieve greatness,
and some have greatness thrust upon them.

But none of these applied to Dave.

Becca – Lost and Found

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A teenage orphan is rescued from trouble and learns the meaning of love, family and forgiveness. A sweet, funny and heart-warming story of the power of unconditional love, support and acceptance.

The author is a voracious reader, writes purely for fun and hopes you enjoy reading this book.


Oregon Trails

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Kalinda Marsh, the toast of the internet, soon found out how quickly web based fame can become a nasty reality. Needing a fresh start, she answered an ad for a mail order bride for an Oregonian Outfitter in need of a wife with internet marketing skills. Paul, a member of an old Oregonian family, but he wants no part of the deforestation Darton Industries is about to embark upon in an unspoiled area. An untouched 20,000 acres in the corner of Eastern Oregon is where he decides to make a stand, but it is lonely. He needs a wife who can see his vision and help him fight to keep the beautiful wide open spaces for future generations to enjoy. Kalinda Marsh agreed to be his wife and help him build new paths. Together, the trails of Oregon weren’t the only things they set ablaze.


The Demon Stone

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“Don’t read this one before you go to bed. And if you do, leave the lights on.”—Hill Rag Magazine The Demon Stone is a powerful supernatural thriller that leads you from the killing fields of Africa to the quiet Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota. In braided narratives, Datta spins a terrifying story about the spiritual forces—both real and supernatural—that incite the basest, bloodiest and most frightening of human behaviors. When Kevin volunteered to travel to a war-ravaged country in Africa to help out his childhood buddy, Bill, now a physician with Doctors Without Borders, he knew he might face danger. But he could not have envisioned the brief, nightmare encounter that would rob him of his friend, his principles, and quite possibly his sanity. When he returns to his family in the United States, he carries with him not only survivors’ guilt, but, according to a grizzled old juju man in the service of a warlord, a powerful demon. Liz cannot understand why, precisely, she agreed to go camping with her old college friend Kevin and his sullen teenage daughter, but it was clear that in the wake of his sudden divorce and a horrific family tragedy, Kevin needed someone to lean on. The canoeing trip in the Boundary Waters was supposed to be an escape, an opportunity to bring back the old Kevin. But once in the forests, Kevin’s behavior grows increasingly off-kilter, and Liz feels a growing sense of unease, one that ripens into fear. As the trio glide further into the wilderness, it becomes clear that someone, or something, is stalking them. “Reading Chris Datta is like riding a rollercoaster. It’s a fast ride filled with twists and turns. His Demon Stone is scary fun. Stephen King, watch your back!” -Richard Rashke, author of The Killing of Karen Silkwood.