Broken Lover

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His grin was halfway a smile, halfway a threat… This wasn’t about her, this was about him, and making him feel good. Making him feel like it was worthwhile. She looked up again to gauge his reaction. The way that his hands searched for anything to get ahold of, the way that his expression was forced into that same neutral mask, all said that she was doing something right. I was attacked, but two handsome men came to my rescue. It didn’t seem too strange… at first. Then they told me I had been attacked by monsters, and that those monsters worked for a vampire. It seemed like a joke. A cruel joke. I was just starting to believe them when I found out something awful about my saviors… Now I have to wonder which is more dangerous: what’s outside, or the men she let in


Hard to Love: Bad Boy Romance Boxed Set

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Eight bestselling bad boy romance authors bring you this ebook boxed set! Includes the following titles:

  • May Sage – On Top: Books 1 & 2
  • Nicole Garcia – The Haunting
  • Tasha Gwartney – Dark Whispers: A Whispers Trilogy Novel
  • Decadent Kane – Impure Bargains: Impure Series: Book 1
  • Alyssa Breck – Unraveled
  • Michelle Abbott – Held by Him
  • Rachel Shane – Premature Evacuation
  • Peter Presley – Stand By Your Man: Book 1: Colton and Abby


The Cinderscars Project

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Cinderscars never lie. Josephine Martin has never questioned this simple truth. Since the great plague nearly wiped out humanity, cinderscars have been there to single out the wicked, and protect the chosen from genetic deviants who would plunge the world back into ruin. So decrees the Miracle of Science. But when Josephine’s father stands accused of murder, she knows it has to be a mistake. But the only person who believes her is a mysterious boy with arms covered in cinderscars. Pursued by inquisitors, Josephine must uncovered the truth and rescue her father. Though that truth may destroy their very society.


You Are Mine (Bad Boy 9 Novel Collection)

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He pulled her shirt off and threw it aside… The smell of sex was heady and immediate and she couldn’t help herself from wanting a little bit more. She took him into her mouth without hesitating. There was something inside her that needed it, needed him, and she hated it but she couldn’t deny it either. That was her reality now, whether she liked it or not, and she was going to have to accept it. His fingers dug into her hair taking a fistful and using it to force her head where he wanted it.


Guppy Butter

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Cute for kids, a bit twisted and funny for adults! A Guppy?? But I wanted a Puppy! Guppy Butter is the darkly humorous tale of a young girl’s wish for a puppy, but who ends up getting a Guppy instead. She tries her best to meet her father’s demands that if she can keep a fish alive, she’ll be allowed to get a puppy. Tragedy after humorous tragedy ensues as she endures the taunts of her older brother and does her best to keep her fishies alive! Complimented by the amazing art of artist Amanda Gielen, this illustrated tale will leave you laughing!


Whisper My Secret

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Whisper My Secret, an Amazon Best Seller, is the true story of a devoted mother of seven children who carried a heartbreaking secret with her to her grave: the secret of three children she had been forced to abandon.

Compelled to walk away from her three young children and never see them again, Myrtle is eventually rescued from her despair by tall, dark and handsome George Rowley who fell in love with her and offered her romance and enduring love. Myrtle started a new life with George and had seven more children. She buried the grief of losing her first children deep within and kept her pain secret. Despite this, she managed to live a fulfilling life and was a caring and dedicated mother to her seven children.


The Blood Princess: Episode One – A Vampire Dark Fantasy Novel


Prudence awakens in a tomb with no memory of who she is or how she got there. After she escapes she is injured in a car accident which ignites a lust for blood in her. When she is saved by a woman called Charlotte, she learns the truth. She is a half vampire. As Prudence works to uncover her past, she struggles with her urges. Can she overcome her dark side? Will she remember her past? She searches for answers to her hellish flashbacks from her past that continue to haunt her present. She encounters threats from all around her and from within herself. She struggles to get a grip on her reality and plummets into self destruction. With each question she answers she gets closer to the truth, but will she regret what she learns?


Tricksy: Coming to a Head

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Sophisticated, wealthy and successful journalist, Tom, falls for disenchanted, H.R. Manager, Kathy. But, following a steamy encounter with struggling artist, John, another part of herself is awakened – a part that enjoys sexual experimentation of all kinds.

Tricksy is the new identity she subsequently creates in order to explore her sexuality. But ultimately, she is faced with a dilemma. Will she settle for a life of refinement and sophistication or will she spurn the trappings of success in favour of adventure?


Envy: A Second Chance Romance

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A year ago I lost the love of my life to a man who didn’t deserve her. Honestly, I probably didn’t deserve her either. So I started over. Ready to dive into my work and forget about women and the heartache they brought. Until my uncle died, yanking me back to a city I wanted nothing to do with—yanking me back to Kelley. I’d left her in my rearview mirror when I was a kid trying to make a name for myself. I’m not that kid anymore, and I sure as hell wasn’t ready to let another woman back into my life. But seeing her again brought back every feeling I wasn’t ready to deal with.


Starting a Business: Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Business


Do you want to start a business? Do you want to be your own boss? Are you confused on how to make it happen? Want to make money online or from home or on the side? Then this book is for you. This beginner’s guide to starting a business is the aspiring entrepreneurs first step to personal success and business ownership. In this guide you will learn about: – How to be prepared and ready to be a business owner – How to build a strong business concept and why doing so is extremely important – How to do preliminary market research – Business Planning – How to figure out how much everything will cost you – and much more!