Gabz – A Star is Born

Last night was the live final of Britain’s Got Talent and it turned out to be quite a night. An egg-throwing novelty act came third. It might have done a lot better if they had put the singers in the background and had a few more people throwing eggs at Simon Cowell, but full-marks for trying something avante garde. It was great fun watching Simon Cowell trying to avoid them.

The actual winners were Hungarian theatre-dance group Attraction who performed a nostalgic routine about Britain. Second was the hugely talented Jack Carrol a young comedian we are sure to be seeing a lot of in the future. At just 14 years old, the cerebral palsy sufferer has already developed the art of comedy timing, is naturally funny and very likeable. There is no doubt that he has all the qualities needed to go right to the top.

But, for me, singer-songwriter Gabz was yet again outstanding. This girl is going to have a huge hit with her own song as soon as it is released and, as she has already written 30 songs, there will no doubt be a hit album out soon too. If I were Simon Cowell, I would get her straight down to the recording studio.

In the final, Gabz did a kind of medley, fusing two of her songs together. The production was the kind of thing you might expect for such a show. But Gabz has truly natural talent and does not need the production, so I included (above) her audition. It’s just her playing and singing her own song – surely that was the night a star was born.

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  1. Ellen Mangan

    Hi Will,

    Definitely a talent! I just love these videos. I find them so incredibly inspirational and will take time out to search them out on Youtube to give myself a boost. Thanks so much for sharing this.

    Best wishes,

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