After the End and Down to Earth Again

So, the world didn’t end and now I will need to continue to write my blog, get the house in order for Christmas and … oh yes, get my wife’s Christmas present after all 😉

Here we are, almost at the end of another year and I wonder what it has been like for you personally. Did you manage to make any breakthroughs in your life or did this year turn out to be much the same as the years that went before?

Next year, I want to make a big leap forward and I know that, in order to do that, something needs to change. You remember we have discussed the fact that “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

I know something needs to change to produce the results I want. So, a few months back, I asked Inspiration readers to complete a short survey and many people did. Here’s a snapshot of those replies (anonymised of course) and let me say a big thank you to everyone who took part …

What I like about White Dove Books is your newsletter. I like the way you speak so openly about yourself. I like the way you write. I also enjoyed some of the free books. I especially enjoyed the exercise ‘wheel of life’. I find an exercise like that very useful. It helps me to think in a certain direction instead of in circles. So, more of those coaching exercises would be nice. When I take my business to a higher level, I can use that kind of exercise for my clients as well.

I’m a 42 year old Kenyan woman and a mother of a brilliant teenage girl. I’m grateful for the material you send me, and I’ve shared quite a bit of it with others. There’s nothing in particular I’d like to see more of, just keeping sending the variety.

I appreciate your efforts to bring sanity into the minds of many. For my part, I am grateful for your free e-books that have unveiled secrets that inhabited me without my knowledge. I am 22 years old and have started an online business doing administrative jobs and have always found empowerment, motivation and forward drive through your articles as well.

The newsletter is good, and informing and inspirational. I seek a 10 minute inspiration, motivation lift daily and your newsletter is in the right area. Can we have more insights into people’s daily success habits; insights into what others do daily, how they break their skills and other development into daily habits?

I am a housewife, 36 years old. Live in Pakistan. My hobbies are reading; interested in self development. I would like to see more about self discovery, workout tips, everyday motivation and would like to receive some tips every day.

What I professionally value about White Dove Books is that it allows me to offer my followers additional resources that will help propel them closer to realizing their dreams! I’m in the business of helping others reach their fullest potential and if I, myself, cannot provide material specific to their particular needs, I provide them with the links to the best resources around!

I’m a 58 year old management trainer, with experience in commercial and not for profits. My interest has been in supporting those who either experience or believe they have nothing to offer and need support to get them going and establish self esteem. I like the products and the website. The writing is clear and helpful, recognising the spiritual life. I would like see much of what is written translate into commercial settings to expand its value.

White Dove Books keeps me motivated, especially when a set a new goal. Ever since I read your inspiration lessons I always make right decisions of life. I’d lie to see more about the challenges and the outcomes of the personal life situation: how to handle anger; how to deal with stress.

Your website is so inspirational to me I feel blessed to have stumbled upon it, I love it just the way it is. Please do keep me inspired. Your site gives me hope that, yes, I have the power to do all things. Thank you so much!

What I like about Dove books is that you have done a thorough work and congratulate you so much for teaching us on how we can be successful in on line marketing. I would love to see on your online web that you are planning to set up a store in Kenya where your books can be bought and serve the people of Kenya.

Your books changed my life and the way I think. They are easy to read and to understand. I’m now more confident in using my talents and creativeness. I am more focused in life than before. I am also using your books to encourage people around me. I am planning to start going to schools to give talks using the knowledge I’ve acquired from your books. I just pray that more people will have access to your books and materials.

I am an Energy Coach and a healer and I live in Malaysia. My main interest is Energy, Healing and Motivation especially on personal growth and relationship. I love the free e-books on motivation, self help and personal growth. I love your inspiration on personal growth too. I think your current site is good. I would like to see you keep the free ebooks and change the composition from time to time. I’m not sure if you are open to others to publish their work, perhaps you can look into that.

I am 42 yrs old, I live in Bangalore, India. I like that your articles often start with a good quotation and they are in clear yet simple language. I would like to see real-life anecdotes, stories, graphical representation being used to stress any point rather than just plain text. I would also love to see some activities, games for every topic.

Will, I just turned 81 the 3rd of this month. Me and my wife of 47 years live in south Mississippi, USA. I have been a receiving your newsletter for a couple of years. Your words of wisdom, articles, books and general info each month, I look forward to. It’s hard to see how you can improve on a perfect website. More ‘how to’ articles would be a big help to me and to the group that I hope to build.

I live in Haridwar and am 42 years old. Most of the articles & books (though not all) at White Dove books are worth reading and informative particularly if you have an interest in self-help literature. I believe that you have ensured the quality of content to a large extent. The web-site should include articles with new viewpoints and newer perspective from your readers and of course the content should be monitored for quality. You can have a web page wherein you can welcome such content.

I am working in a factory as a Facilities Manager (taking care of building and its services) and am 43 years old. I live in southern part of Malaysia. I love your Inspirational books, guiding us how to improve our lifestyles. Since I’m a Christian, I also like your devotional and spiritual books. Now, you send on weekly basis, but I would like to see more on your books and updates. Perhaps, you could include daily inspirational guide sent via email automatically.

I am going on 60, a Filipino, living and working in Thailand as a senior exec in a semiconductor firm. My interest is teaching management, leadership and providing quality tools and courses in continually improving quality. I like reading autobiographies and inspirational quotes.

I am 62, American, born and raised in Texas and living in Brazil for about 28 years. We follow Jesus Christ and study and teach the Bible, so I have a few Bible classes to administer, as well. This all keeps me pretty busy. For the past three years or so, I have been looking for ways to stimulate movement on our site. I have enjoyed your newsletters tremendously. I have taken advantage of some of the free-books you have offered. My contact has been through the newsletter rather than the site.

Age 64 male of English, Irish, & Dutch ancestry living in Albany, NY (150 mi. N of New York City). My interests include computers, photography, home improvement, and becoming a life coach after retiring from my government job as a programmer analyst. I like your openness and variety and would like to see more about universal laws and spiritual matters (not necessarily religion).

I’m 17 years old and from Algeria. I’m interested in NLP but I don’t know how to study it the way I should, so it will be very kind of you if you add some articles about it. Also I would like to find more books on your site and please, more articles Mr Edwards. Thanks a lot for what you do.

I am 45 years old. I love positive articles, books, emails. I’ve gone from being a sad discontented person to being happy and constantly improving my awareness of how our attitudes affect our well being. I love your site and easily accessible books. I would like to see more involvement including the readers and how they’ve helped themselves.

I am a 54 yr old female and I live in Colorado. I have made any mistakes in my life and want to learn easy ways to stay focused and stay on track with my goals. I find your newsletters to be short and to the point without having to read a book all at one time. I enjoy the short lessons on how to become successful. I have enjoyed it and don’t really have any suggestions for improvement. Thanks for all you do!

I’m a software engineer, an ardent reader and now little bit into writing. White Books was the first site, I visited for personal development books. My suggestion is that we can have polls, some live interaction between the users.

I want to thank you your excellent site. I’m from Guadalajara, Jalisco. México. I’m 46 years old. Some of your reports have helped me as inspiration to give some speeches. I’m in the Toastmaster International club and I want to be an excellent motivational speaker. So I would like to see that kind of topic in your appreciated site. But all your reports are very interesting and they are being of great help to my personal development. Congratulations and I wish you more and more success in your all projects.

I’m 59, born in Lisbon but moved 135 miles away in August 2008. My main interest is helping others to live better in general – body, mind and spirit. I believe that growing consciousness of the universe and ones relationship to it is key. The books selection is excellent! So are your articles.

I am from India and i want to become the greatest politician in the world! I like your writing style and the content. I would like to see more books on your awesome site. I am a fan of you and you are such a good person. Keep on going – I am with you sir. All the best for your work.

I am 51 years old from Niue Island, a small country in the South Pacific. I worked in the public service of Niue for 3o years and had retired in 2010. Currently I am a Member of Parliament, planter, lay preacher trainee and writer trainee, I am writing a book on our village darts tour to New Zealand in 2010 and also a novel about Niue. I want to be able to sell my books if they are printed in future.

I find the White Dove site excellent in expanding my goals and knowledge about life and how to become a better person, very striking and resourceful project indeed! I am enjoying the present information and pray to fulfil my goals with your great help, Will.

I’m student of MSC public administration aged 22. I’m Pakistani, interested in reading and want to acquire leadership skills and do all efficiently and effectively. I like the practical examples you provide. I would like to see more about how great leaders handled difficult situations.

I am a 47 year old woman, very recently became single and my son and I are just settling into new surroundings. I have been left with nothing but a debt to remember the relationship (of 8 years) by, and I needed self esteem books to read, which I found for free on your website. I do not even know how I found that actually, but the e-books are helping me a lot, even on topics I never thought to read, that I hope will help me with starting up my own business. We live in Ontario, Canada. Thank you very much for the ebooks.

I was born 33 years ago in South Africa. I am currently working in the Police Service doing administrative duties. I’m a born again Christian and like reading the Bible, motivational and developmental books. I came across one of your inspirational books called ‘Discover your life purpose’. I’m still trying to discover my redemptive calling which is implanted by the Creator. Honestly I like the books, above all. I need a transformation in all areas of my life, financial, spiritual, marital etc.

Well Mr Edwards, I am a 28 years old teacher in a management institute and I especially like to go through the motivational stuff that helps uplift me during times of emotional breakdown. I personally believe that if some motivational videos can also be incorporated, it enhance the effect.

I am a corporate trainer and motivational speaker. Different companies in the corporate sector engage me to train their employees and Educational institutes, including universities, invite me to speak to their audience. I wanted to write to let you know that you are doing a good job.

I’m 25 years old. I’m from Thailand but I am now studying in Switzerland. My area of interest is to help children. What I like the best about your website are the many books I can get for free that can help to improve my knowledge and skills. I would like to see more books about how to improve self-confidence.

I live in Utrecht an old city in the center of The Netherlands. I am 65 and formally retired. But I started my own company where I offer lessons and courses in chemistry. I love the way you write. You are so down to earth. No false hope and expectations. No pushing of all kind of programs. I love your inspirational newsletter.

I am 66 years of age, a Kiwi living in Bundaberg – Australia. I am interested in oil painting, trading on the stock market, trading physical gold and silver. I like your variety of articles and the genuine regard you have for your readers. Don’t change anything your site’s a winner!

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