Thanks for joining. Together, we are going to make money and you are going to love being a member. Please ensure you keep your login details safe because it is how you will get access to the re-brander for all our future releases.

The menu above is visible to members only and over the course of time, as we add more and more books into the program, you will see additional pages, packed full of re-brandable books.

Affiliate Programs

All of the books contain a converting ClickBank offer plus the membership offer (also handled via ClickBank) so you need to join the program and get your nickname (affiliate id). If you are not already a member of ClickBank, please join the program (it’s free).

Join ClickBank

Some of our books, for example the Make Money Online book contain additional offers. In those cases, you will find a link to join the relevant program(s) on the re-brander pages.

Getting Started

To get started with our initial release of re-brandable books, just click the menu option (above) to be taken straight to the re-brander.

Using the rebrander is a piece of cake. All you need to do is enter your affiliate details into each of the boxes and then click the ‘Rebrand & Download’ buttons.

Our state-of-the-art rebrander then kicks in to perform its magic, adding your affiliate links into the books. It will automatically download the rebranded books for you too, though your browser may just ask you to confirm the download. Finally, once you have all of the books downloaded, test the links in the books.

Testing the Rebranded Books

Testing is really easy, just open a book and then hover your mouse over link at the start of the book or the offer at the end. Then look at the link shown in your browser – you will see your affiliate details have been added.

In addition, you can perform a test by clicking the link at the start of the book. This will take you to the ClickBank order form. Go to the very bottom of that page and in very small type you will see your affiliate nickname displayed inside square brackets. This confirms that you would be credited for that sale if you were to continue. Of course, you don’t want to buy, so just close your browser window.

Making Money

Once you have rebranded and downloaded your books, just start giving them away from your site/blog and advertise them on social media. The more you give them away, the more you potentially stand to make.

Remember to login to your account every month to see what’s been added to this membership area and to get your new re-branded books. If you have any specific requirements for books you would like to see added, please let me know too.

Graphics Pack

The graphics pack contains a selection of images for each product. Use them on your site/blog and in social media posts. You will find that the social media images are perfect size for a WordPress featured image and for Facebook & Twitter cards.

If you Have Problems

Just one last thing: if you have any problems at all, please contact me for help

Click Here to Contact Me

And don’t forget to visit the site each month (you will need to use your login details to get to this membership area) for new re-brandable books.

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