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That's me, right there in the pork pie hat. My name is Will Edwards. I am an author and also the founder of the successful publishing imprint, White Dove Books. Since 2003, when I started the site, I have been consistently making money online and in this post, I'm going to share some of my secrets with you.

Way back at the beginning of the web, before I began my successful site, I really struggled to get started making money. Back then, nothing at all seemed to work for me. It felt as if everybody else knew something I that didn't, so I ended up buying lots of books and courses, only to find that many of them offered nothing of any value at all and, in the process, I got scammed a couple of times too.

But I came to realise that I needed to start thinking differently.

In fact, it wasn't until I finally stopped looking for the answer and started creating it myself that I began to see success. Everybody, it seemed wanted books, which was good for me because I wanted to write them, but nobody seemed to want to pay for them. I decided that maybe there would be some way I could simply give them away and still earn money in the process. This was the basic idea behind the formation of my site, and indeed I gave away very many of my books over the years.

Because of the huge array of free books offered on my site, without the need for anyone to sign-up to anything at all, visitors began recommending it to other people. In its first year of operation, we broke into the Alexa rankings and were listed as one of the top 100,000 sites on the whole of the internet. All of that was before the Google panda updates, which changed the playing field for many sites, including mine, but it it still an achievement that I am very proud of.

During that period, I made money from Adsense and various affiliate programs, and I was eventually able to quit the day job as my online income became roughly equivalent to my salary. Without any exaggeration, I gave away millions of books in that time.

In fact my 'bestselling' book The 7 Keys to Success has been read by over 2 million people!

It's another achivement that I am naturally proud of, and it is always nice to hear from readers who tell me how much that book has meant to them. One of the main ways the book became so successful was by word of mouth - people loved it and recommended it to other people. The book took on a life of its own and it is still being downloaded at the rate of about 1,000 copies per day. The experience made me realise just how powerful personal recommendations can be.

My next real success came with a piece of software called eWriterPro; it was a wordprocessor and PDF compiler all in one. Back in those days, Microsoft Word did not allow you to save a file in PDF format and so, if you wanted to do that (as all authors did) you needed to buy an expesive piece of software - Adobe or something similar.

We released our software and just gave it away for free. And, not only that, we allowed other people to sell it for profit. At the time, some people thought we were nuts. But the accompanying manual contained recommendations for products and servces that we knew authors would find useful, including our own cover creator software, and it also contained our affiliate links.

It wasn't long before the software was being sold on eBay and people started writing to me telling me how much they loved it and how thankful they were for the money-making opportunity we had created. The bundle included resale rights, so it soon proliferated right across the web, and many thousands of copies were sold. At first, we did not see a single penny whilst other people were raking in the cash.

But eventually, our plan began to work and we started selling our cover creator software and also began receiving affiliate cheques (amazing to think of those paper things now). Of course, somewhere along the line, those affiliate programs started paying us via Paypal and by bank transfer.

I have absolutely no idea just how many tens of thousands of dollars in profit that viral campaign has made for us over the years

But I can tell you that the software became obsolete 10 years ago, with the release of Windows 7, and yet, one of those affiliate programs is still sending us regular monthly payments, even today - another success for viral markeitng! I mention this because I want you to know that I know what I am talking about, and that's important because, I have a new project that I would like to share with you.

I said I was going to let you in to a few secrets, well here is my secret recipe for success. In my experience, you essentially need just two things in order to be really successfull - a converting offer and a growing audience. What word of mouth, or viral marketing if you prefer, can most certainly provide is the growing audience.

But, of course, you need to do it right.

My campaigns succeeded because we ensured that the product itself was a high quality offering - and that's an important part of the success formula. Without a quality offering, nobody will want to share your product, even if it is free. But, a quality offering that is free and allows other people to share it can become a very powerful vehicle for your sales message.

The second reason we were successful was because we promoted converting offers. Of course, it is true that not everybody will purchase your products but a percentage of people most certainly will, provided they offer the right solutions to a well-targeted group of people. That brings me to the present.

Right now, we are launching an exciting new viral campaign and you can be a part of it.

We have built both of the above factors into our new project - a series of top quality viral books that could soon be carrying your affiliate links within them.

Take a look at these titles ...

As you can see, they are books that each offer a solution to a common problem. They are what we refer to as Coffee-Time Reads. They are quality offerings and they are all genuinely helpful. And in addition, they all contain give-away rights, so anyone who receives one of these books is not only welcome to read it, but also to use it; to give it away on their websites, blogs, on forums, on socail media and so on.

Each of those books contains a relevant, targeted, and converting offer.

Actually, they each contain two offers, because in addition to a laser-targeted niche offering, they also contain a link that takes interested readers to this very offer that you are now reading. So each book has two opportunities to make money.

And there you are!

That's my new project, based on the exact same principles that have consistently brought me success. Now, let me ask you a question.

Do you think you could make use of those books, embedded with your own affiliate links, so that you could make money in the same way?

There are very many ways you can use these books to make money. They are ideal used as Lead Magnets because, not only are they good quality offerings that your prospects will love, they also provide you with a direct opportunity to make money from people who sign-up to your list. We all need a good quality lead magnet, so why not use one that can make money for you?

You can include the books as bonuses in bundles of your own products, you can put them on any web property that you own. You can share them via social media. And, as they include give-away rights, your visitors will continue to distribute them even more widely for you, earning more and more money for you in the process as, of course, they carry your affiliate links with them.

I'm not going to try to convice you to purchase because that's simply not my way, and I also cannot guarantee your success because you have to do your part in the distribution of the materials and, as they say in all good forums, YMMV (your mileage may vary). But, if you have a website, or blog, or some other method (such as social media) of distributing these books and can see the value being offered here today, then now is your chance to get in on something that could make you a lot of money.

Yes, just by giving away our free books rebranded with your affiliate details.

If you want to make money and would like to be a part of this exciting new campaign, don't delay, place your order now ...

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As with all of our products, we offer a no strings 100% guarantee because we want you to be able to order with complete confidence. So, if anytime up to 60 days after your purchase, you are not happy with the product for any reason, just contact us and we will issue a full refund.


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