Give Away Our Books and Earn Amazon Commissions at the Same Time

Free Books Section Plugin

If you have a WordPress site, our free plugin enables you to recommend our books and earn Amazon commissions at the same time. The plugin is very easy to install and provides a great way of adding quality content to your site.

Installation Instructions

To install the plugin, go to your WordPress dashboard and choose ‘Plugins’ then ‘Add New’. In the search box, enter ‘Free Books Section’ then, click ‘Install Now’ and ‘Activate’.

The Next step is to create a new page, so go to ‘Pages’ then ‘Add New’. You can use any title you wish for this page. In the body of the page, enter the shortcode exactly as shown (all lower case, no spaces and including underscores and the square brackets) and then save the page.

Add the new page to your navigation Menu if your theme does not do this automatically. You can do this in ‘Appearance’ then ‘Menus’.

Finally, add your Amazon Associates ID into the settings.

That’s all there is to it!


The plugin supports Amazon’s ‘One Link’ geo-targeting facility that enables you to earn commissions from international Amazon stores. To setup globalised links, create an Associate account for each of the international stores you want to work with, then link the accounts together in your Amazon Associates portal – use the following link for that purpose.

Click Here to go to the Amazon One Link Page

TIP: To easily add the oneTag code (obtained from the above link) to your WordPress site, simply add an HTML widget to your footer and paste in the code directly.

As an alternative to the Amazon ‘One Link’ facility, you could use one of the many Amazon geo-targeting plugins that are freely available via WordPress. We have designed the plugin in such a way that it should work well with them, but please note you should use either the ‘One Link’ method or the plugin geo-targeting method, not both together.

Earning Commission

When you have completed the above steps you will have a good selection of our books installed on your site with your Amazon Associate ID embedded under all the buttons and graphics, with the exception of the completely free books which for which commission does not apply.

You will earn Amazon commissions when your visitors purchase the ‘paid’ recommendations and, in addition, you will earn commission on many other items (not only our books) because of the way the Amazon referral system works.

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