Positive Thinking – Part 4 – Where Next?

After perhaps just a few months of choosing to live with your new positive mental attitude, you are sure to be taking a look back at your old self and realising just how far you have come. At that time, you may realise just how much your previous attitude had been holding you back from achieving success.

The benefits achieved from living with a positive mental attitude far outweigh the benefits of remaining with a negative mindset. Whilst negative people continue to congregate together in their misery, you have been moving, onward and upward, achieving your goals and experiencing more and more success.

By maintaining such an attitude, your positivity will begin to rub off on your friends and family. Those who are not interested in being around the new, positive you, will move on. Remember, this is nothing about you – it is about them. Each and every person can choose to take on a positive mental attitude, but what it does take is ongoing commitment and of course the decision and the dedication to do so.

Cherish each and every friendship and relationship you have had in the past, learn from each and every one of them and you will know that they all happened for a reason and for your benefit. Remember that life will not throw anything at you that you cannot handle. You only have to do look back to times when a new task seemed so difficult, but with practice you could almost do it with your eyes closed after a short time. Life is exactly the same.

By maintaining this attitude, you will also improve the lives and well-being of your family and children if you have any. Children soak up their surroundings very quickly, and if they are constantly surrounded by positive energy, they will begin to live in a similar way. Isn’t this the most wonderful gift you can give them? Children will experience obstacles but on a smaller scale, and it will be up to you to guide them through the process of overcoming these obstacles. The last thing you want is to have your children falling into line with the masses and living a sad, miserable life.

So now it is time to sit down and work out what it really is you want out of life, and decide on how you are going to achieve it. Remaining focused on what you want to achieve, congratulating yourself on the achievements you have made, and continually bettering yourself will be the key to maintaining your positive mental attitude.

So Where Do You Go From Here?

Living with a constant positive mental attitude can be a big change, and it won’t happen overnight. But by making subtle positive changes now, you will begin to set in motion a new and empowering way of life.

Let’s summarise what has been covered throughout this series of posts on the subject of positive thinking and get you started on acquiring your new attitude:

1. First think about why it is you want to live with a positive mental attitude. As mentioned at the beginning of this series, there are many benefits to experience when you choose this way of life, such as:

– You attract more positive events into your life
– Your life is more fulfilling
– You attract positive people into your life
– The bad things in life really don’t seem that bad
– People like positive people

So be clear about why you are choosing to work on change your attitude.

2. Set about applying strategies and techniques to help you achieve a positive mindset, including (as mentioned earlier):

– The Miracle Day
– Keeping a Grateful Journal
– Seeing things from another point of view
– Accepting what you cannot change and choosing your reaction accordingly
– Setting goals

3. Consider in advance, and think up ways to overcome obstacles and setbacks so that you can overcome them as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Remember these obstacles and setbacks can all be learned from, and they will therefore help you to move forward in a positive way.

Remember that obstacles and setbacks include:

– Dreams stealers
– Negative people
– Setbacks
– Tragic events
– Depression or other illnesses

Regardless of who you are or where you come from, you have the power within yourself to do great things and to live a happy and fulfilling life. It is therefore the choices you make and your action that determines the outcomes you experience in your life.

By taking on the attitude and mindset of a person who is focused on the positive, you will very quickly begin to see that it is mainly positive things you will begin to experience. Positive thinking and having a positive mental attitude really is the key to true happiness!

Here’s to a new beginning!

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