Positive Thinking – Part 3 – Obstacles

There are bound to be obstacles that you will face on your journey to building a positive mental attitude. These obstacles and challenges may effectively slow you down, but it is entirely down to you as to whether or not they will actually stop you from moving forward. Some of these obstacles and challenges you will have absolutely no control over, and others you will.

It is now time to address these obstacles and challenges, so that you can be prepared for them and equipped to be able to push them aside when you encounter them.

Obstacle #1

The dream stealers – a dream stealer normally has your best interests at heart, but they unfortunately do little more than steal your dream, hence the name. They may tell you that what you are doing is risky and that you shouldn’t do it, and they will usually have a hard luck story to tell about someone who is trying to do what you are trying to do.

The key to overcoming this obstacle is to either not tell them what you are trying to achieve (until after the fact), or by thanking them for their advice and, at the same time, telling yourself that you don’t need it.

Obstacle #2

Negative people – similar to dream stealers, negative people may have your best interests at heart or they may not.

They think that what you’re doing is bad or wrong and they believe that you will fail. Negative people are difficult to ignore, and if you take on board what they are saying, it can truly sabotage your progress. These people will usually put you down, or even ridicule you for wanting more in your life.

It is important to understand that a person such as this is saying what they are saying for a reason. In most cases, anybody putting you down for wanting to achieve your dreams is feeling somewhat threatened or even just envious of your willingness to get out there and try something new.

It is important to understand that with negative people, it is never about you – it is just about them and their insecurities. Once you understand and believe this, it will be a lot easier to ignore them and move towards your own goals.

Obstacle #3

Setbacks – we all have them, and even the most successful people in the world have experienced them at some stage of their lives. That is not to say that we should all give up trying to live a positive and fulfilling life, but we should understand that setbacks are usually a learning experience and should be perceived that way and not as something negative.

For example, you may start off a business venture that eventually fails. But rather for than focusing on that failure, try focusing on what you can learn from the failure. How will you prevent the same mistakes being made next time? What did you do right? What did you do wrong? There are so many positives that could come out of a setback because you will go into the next challenge with that additional knowledge on board, knowing that if you do things differently this time, the chances of success are much higher.

Obstacle #4

Tragic events – maintaining a positive mental attitude is difficult in the event of a tragedy.

However, we often hear of a person faced with an illness such as cancer for example, but they somehow find a way to maintain a positive mental attitude. In fact, there are even documented cases of people who have somehow apparently cured themselves of cancer by maintaining a positive mental attitude and the unwavering belief that they will beat the illness.

It is these people who offer inspiration to all around them. Here they are facing death, but yet they refuse to believe that cancer is going to beat them and they live their lives, enjoying them as much as they possibly can. Such people, even if they do die, will do so knowing that they have lived their lives to the full, and isn’t that what we all want to do?

So how do these people maintain a positive mental attitude when faced with such tragedy? Again, it is a choice. Such people choose to remain positive, and not let things get them down because they know that if they do so, they might as well not go on. What they have done is chosen to live a happy, fulfilling life over one that is fraught with misery and sadness as they face the biggest battle of their lives.

These people choose to look at all of the good things they have in their lives, and choose to enjoy them as much as they possibly can. The focus on their illness or any other tragedies around them is minimised because they know this will only cause them anxiety. It is not difficult to understand why they choose a positive attitude over the negative.

Obstacle #5

Depression or other mental illnesses – depression, in particular, is a mental illness that is probably much more widespread than many people realize and, in fact, many people don’t even realize they are suffering. There are many causes behind illnesses such as depression including hormonal imbalances, tragic events, or unresolved issues from the past. The good news is that these illnesses can usually be treated with the right care.

A person with a positive mental attitude is very much in tune with their thought processes and can usually pick themselves up when things are not right and they will be naturally inclined to do something about it sooner rather than later. A person with a positive mental attitude really does not like how it feels when they are mentally down, and they will want to do whatever it takes to get themselves out from under the dark cloud.

Depression and other mental illnesses can be treated through the use of drugs or therapy, but the key is to get the help you need as soon as you need it. So many tragedies could be avoided if everybody did this as soon as they realised things just weren’t right in their mind.

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