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Brain Entrainment: Life is Frequency

When you really think about it, what are you at the most fundamental level of existence? If I think about that question, I am inclined to say that my body is made up of cells and those cells are made up of molecules which are made of atoms; so far, so good.

But when we start looking inside atoms, things can start to get a bit whacky. They are made up of sub-atomic stuff like neutrons, electrons and protons and those things are made up of quarks … and so it threatens to go on. In String Theory, I learned that we are postulating quarks to be one-dimensional, oscillating lines.

Firstly, I am stunned (and excited too) to learn that we think that one dimensional objects exist in our three-dimensional space. To borrow an expression I am not inclined to often use – how cool is that? But I also want to say … wow! Did you get it? Now, I don’t want to attempt, for one moment, to oversimplify what is clearly a complex subject, but in essence, according to science, we could very well be made up of one-dimensional oscillating lines or, in other words … frequencies!

Don’t you think it exceedingly odd that science should come round to what spiritual thinkers have been saying for millennia … that life is frequency? According to yogic tradition, for example, material things are made up of vibrations i.e. frequency. For hundreds of years, monks of various religious traditions have used special vibrations (frequencies) to affect mental states for various purposes including healing, spiritual progression and enlightenment.

So it was with interest that I recently downloaded a sample MP3 pack from Unexplainable Frequencies. The company has been producing special frequency audios for the past ten years and they have set up a website to bring their brain entrainment technology to a wider audience. The basic idea is that you can induce frequencies by listening to sounds and you can then get the associated benefits.

Here’s what the company says about how you can use different sound frequencies:

  • 42 Hertz (Experience Meditation as Dedicated Monks Do), is best used in a quiet setting. This is a good frequency to use if you have some time to yourself to relax and meditate.
  • 422.8 Hertz (Associated with the Orbit of Neptune) is best used during creative writing assignments, so listening through your computer while working is suggested.
  • 82 Hertz (Increased Intelligence) would be recommended anytime and anywhere.

The sample pack I downloaded included the following three MP3 recordings:

  • 417 Hz Pure Frequency
  • 417 Hz Bilateral Frequency
  • Seeking-Truth Custom MP3

The 417 Hertz frequency has apparently been found to help facilitate change or undo negative situations. It is also one of the Ancient Solfeggio frequencies used in Gregorian and Sanskrit chants.

Seeking Truth is a 15 minute custom recording; a full session complete with four frequencies, ambient music, and nature sounds.

You can get the Sample Pack free here:

Download Sample Kit

Personally, I found listening to the 417 herz recordings a bit challenging, though I might persist to see what effects it might produce. But I did really enjoy listening to the Seeking Truth recording. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts too.

The V Factor: Free Download

In a nutshell, ‘viral marketing’ is the process that built White Dove Books into what it is today. When I say that, I mean that it is the process that is responsible for getting our website widely known throughout the world and well ranked in the search engines too.

Thinking back, I can remember when I first came across the term. It was in an email from a leading internet marketer whose name is Yanik Silver. I remember thinking that I did not want to be connected with anything malicious and actually deleted the message before reading it. I wonder where I would be today if I had understood viral marketing a little sooner. Still, you can’t go back and change things; you can only change the future.

As I am sure you will know, there is nothing malicious about viral marketing. The phrase originated because the ability for a message to self-replicate is something akin to what a virus manages to do. Viral messages replicate simply because people decide they are worth sharing. When you receive something that is interesting, informative, funny, cool etc, and then you decide to send it to your friends, that material has what is technically referred to as ‘good memes’.

If you can create that kind of material (eBooks, videos, audios etc) then when people voluntarily choose to pass it on, they are also providing you with free advertising. It is the same process that built Tupperware, Hotmail and, as I said, White Dove Books. As you will realise, our free books section is just a genuinely useful resource. When people discover it, they are usually very happy to share it with their friends and that’s where our visitors come from.

The reason we have not been able (so far) to create an even larger library of eBooks is simply because of the necessary time and effort required. Even a 5,000 word freebie can take a week to get right. Multiply that by 16 and you have 16 weeks (or 1 page of books) and then multiply that by 6 and you have 96 weeks of solid effort required to create the remaining 6 pages we want to offer. And, of course, you can’t drop everything to do that, so it is likely to take us a few years.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. It is exactly because it takes so much effort that other people have not been willing to compete with our business model. As you can see, it does take quite a lot of effort to grow our site. Over the years, I have investigated different ways of working with people to get this done a bit quicker. I tried allowing others to publish here and was absolutely amazed at the poor uptake.

It still astonishes me today to think how few people could see the advantage of getting their books into one of the web’s leading personal development sites. Then there were those who did submit their books, most of which were simply not of a standard we could accept. There were notable exceptions, but in the end, we had to recognise that it was not the right way to grow the site. We are now moving in a different direction, so this offer has now been permanently removed.

Then there was the period when we employed people to write the books for us. Again, the results were mixed. Some books were excellent and some were … well … let me give you an example: one person, writing about article marketing, actually scraped the terms and conditions from the eZinearticle website (a few thousand words) and included them, in their entirety, in the book we had paid that person to write.

You know, especially when you are paying $200 for 5,000 words (which I think is a fairly generous rate) that is not what you expect! With the poor research, poor spelling, poor grammar, poor structure and various other issues that go along with employing people to write, we also had to abandon this approach. Today, I accept that we will simply need to grow more slowly than I had originally wanted. However, I do think it better to provide quality rather than quantity.

Recently, we moved into a new era in terms of making our books available to a much wider audience. We have partnered with another site to deliver rebrandable versions of our books. This allows other sites to take advantage of all our hard work in creating our library and, at the same time, earning referral commissions. It is the kind of idea I like – it’s win-win – and it is, in my opinion, destined to take us to the next level.

What this new idea does, for us, is increase the number of sites giving away our materials and that means we get wider exposure. What this does for other sites who choose to work with us is provide them with good quality content for their visitors and, simultaneously, reliably earn them a referral income. If the idea interests you, please download my free report (below) which will show you how to create a passive income stream just by giving stuff away.

The V FactorFree Download

If you enjoy this book, please give us a like, a tweet or a social mention. It’s a win-win idea (a bit like tell a friend). You get great free content and we get some exposure. This idea is helping us to expand the site and make even more content available for free!

Great Feedback on New Plugin

It turns out that getting a WordPress Plugin published is not for the faint hearted. They have a fairly complicated version control thingy that they call ‘subversion’ – though it sounds a little more sinister than it really is.

However, despite the learning curve, today I managed to get our new plugin added to the official WordPress plugins repository. Of course, it is early days yet, but we are already beginning to get feedback from our affiliates and, I am pleased to say, it has all been very positive.

Here are some of the comments we have so far received from people who are now using it:

“My name is Jaco. I have a blog with blogger. I don’t mind transferring everything to WordPress to use this amazing plugin.” – Jaco

“Thanks for the awesome plugin.” – Steve

“I really enjoy writing and researching articles. I feel now I can. Personal development really interests me. Your ‘free books section’ plugin turned out to be perfect and I easily added it to the website.” – Marilyn

“I think you are one of the best examples for honest good content and the right kind of attitude. I also signed up today and I am already using your new plugin. So awesome. I did not think it would be that easy.” – Karen

“I am thrilled with your new plugin. It couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I am developing a brand new blog with a Pinterest type theme and your site will be the first that I promote on it.”- Linda

If you run a blog in the personal development space, our plugin would be a great addition for you and you can get it here: Free Books Section – completely free.