Writer’s Resources: Indispensable Tools for Every Aspiring Author

We thought it would be most beneficial to put all of our recommendations for writer’s resources in one handy reference section here, at the publisher site. This way, we can ensure the list stays up-to-date with the best available tools and we can easily add to the list over the course of time as more tools become available.

Disclosure: we are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. We have personally used and/or vetted all of the following products and services and can wholeheartedly recommend them. However we do have an affiliate relationship with some of the following companies and may receive compensation when products or services are purchased.

Okay, so here we go …

1. Publishing Account

Let’s begin with the most important of our writer’s resources i.e. your publishing account. Create an account with Kindle Publishing (KDP). Use the information in Kathy’s book (Exactly How I Make Money Writing Filth) or Will’s book (You May be a Badass) to create a winning book and then upload it to your Kindle Publishing account. They accept files in many formats including both native Word format and EPUB. You can set your own pricing and upload your cover graphic. It’s completely free and your book gets its own page on the Amazon site.

Create Your KDP Account Here

2. eBook Creation Software

Hopefully you will already have your own word-processor program, but the free tool Calibre is a must have. It can convert your Word document into EPUB, MOBI (Kindle) and a whole host of other formats. EPUB is definitely the best format to work with, even on Kindle, as it allows you complete control over layout. You can upload it to KDP and they will convert it to Kindle format – it works very well. Plus, EPUB is the standard format for every other ebook site. This is an absolutely brilliant and truly indispensable writer’s tool.

Get a Copy of Calibre Here

3. Cover Creation

Many people use a software program such as Photoshop or the public domain equivalent, Gimp (which has a very steep learning curve) for cover creation. But the brilliant Canva site is what we use. It is easy to use and it’s free too; what’s more, the free version does a petty good job of creating and editing cover graphics, as well as all kinds of other promotional graphics that you may also need.

Join Canva Here

4. Market Research

The program I personally use for market research is Publisher Rocket. It is an inexpensive tool you can use to find both niches and keyword phrases to target. It essentially takes away a lot of the guesswork and reports actual search volumes, for both Amazon and Google searches. Once you get this tool, researching the profitability of your book ideas is a breeze. For me, this tool is another absolutely indispensable resource for writers.

Get Publisher Rocket Here

5. Competitor Research

For competitor research, you can easily discover the number of actual sales being made by any book on Amazon. Just enter the Amazon BSR (Best Seller Rank) which is show at the bottom of every book listing, into the free Jungle Scout tool. Choose which Amazon store you are interested in (you can research different countries), pick ‘Kindle Store’ (third field) then click the button and the number of actual sales will be shown at the top. This is a nifty little free tool.

Jungle Scout BSR Analyser

6. Universal Links

Universal links are a great way to get your visitors to their preferred bookstore and they also have a reporting feature that tells you how many people actually click your links. If you are planning to publish ‘wide’ (i.e. to more sites than just Amazon) then I recommend that you use these links in the ‘about the author’ section inside your books. This is unquestionably one of the most useful writer’s resources to have in your toolkit.

Create Universal Links

7. Headline Writing

The job of your headline is to grab attention and get people to start reading your blurb. You should spend time crafting a great headline to improve your conversion rate. Here is an excellent copywriting tool for analysing headlines. It uses a linguistic algorithm based on modelling theory and advertising research – another superb writer’s resource.

Headline Analyzer

8. Blurb Writing

Getting your blurb right is like having the book fairy sprinkle magic dust over your Amazon listing. Master this one most important skill and you too will be able to work magic and significantly improve your book sales in the process. Get your copy of Kathy Dee’s eye-opening book below.

Blurbissimo: Your Book Sales are About to Explode

9. Domain & Hosting

When you are ready to create your own funnel, you will need a domain (that’s your address on the internet) hosting (that’s the storage service where your website sits on the web) content management system (that’s the software that runs your site) and autoresponder (that’s the email service you need to stay in touch with your readers and prospects). These items are the basic building blocks of internet marketing.

The ideal choice for your content management system is WordPress. It is what I am using, it is both flexible and powerful. It offers a huge array of plugins that can get your site to do anything you want (I don’t say that lightly), and it is completely free. You can get your domain and hosting from HostGator. They have a great track record for reliability and support, they offer a 45 day (money back) trial, their service is very affordable, and you can install the WordPress content management system easily as they have a one-click installation in their dashboard.

Get Your Domain, Hosting and WordPress Here

10. Autoresponder

You can use your autoresponder for many things including running a newsletter, notifying your fans of your next releases, making special offers to your subscribers, offering advanced copies of your work and so on. It is the way you stay in touch with your prospects and gradually turn them into customers and ultimately, into your fans.

A good choice is Mailchimp, but the ideal choice is for your autoresponder service is Aweber. They offer the best delivery guarantee in the business, they have excellent support, great training, they are very competitive on price, and you can even get started with a 30 day free trial.

Get Your 30 Trial of Aweber Here

11. Newsletter Swaps

To cooperate with other authors by doing newsletter swaps, an excellent service is Bookboast. They have a basic (free) account that should be good enough to get you going. It allows you to get started with up to 2 pen names and you can make up to 10 swap requests each month. Another great addition to your toolkit.

Setup Your Bookboast Account Here

12. Book Promotion

Leveraging the contacts of other sites is a smart thing to do, especially when you are starting out. Our promotion service was designed to give our own books a boost when they are on free offer at Amazon, but now is available to other authors. If you have a book that is permanently free (permafree) or on free offer, we can help get the word out for you too.

Our Book Promotion Service

13. Book Reviews

Generally, reviews will naturally follow if you can get enough downloads (for a free book) or sales for a paid book. But it tends to be a very low percentage of people who leave reviews these days. However, you can be proactive about getting reviews by approaching book bloggers, so see our handy list below for our favourites.

Our Favourite List of Top Book Bloggers


That’s quite a list, but all of those writer’s resources are tools and services that I have personally used and can wholeheartedly recommend to you. They will certainly give you an edge over your competition and make the business of getting into profit that much easier.

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