Wreck: A First-Contact Scifi Novel – Kindle Unlimited


Some dreams die a natural, lonely death … others get ripped away from the dreamer, torn and bloody.

Ricardo Sandoval, captain of an obsolete asteroid-mining ship, now reduced to merely prospecting for large mining conglomerates, still dreams of striking it rich and returning to his home planet a success, and rubbing that success in the faces of those who doubted him.

While fighting to hold onto that dream, he makes first contact with an alien intelligence — an AI in charge of a badly damaged alien ship. The AI needs his help so the wreck can complete its mission; he needs the wreck for the fame and fortune it will bring him if he takes it home.

Only one of the two can see their dream come true, for time will not permit both to succeed — and the stakes make it a life-or-death matter for both.

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