Winter’s Fury: An Epic Fantasy Adventure – Kindle Unlimited

Winters Fury

Her father is dead, her uncle has stolen the throne, and now he wants to marry her off to the son of her arch-enemy.

Jael Furyck isn’t happy.

But Jael is a battle-hardened warrior, trained to kill since she was ten-years-old. She doesn’t plan on being anyone’s wife.

Eadmund Skalleson is trapped.

His father is threatening him with a wife again, and this time he’s given him an ultimatum: marry Jael Furyck, or he’ll find another heir. But if Eadmund was ever to choose a wife, it wouldn’t be her.

Not Jael Furyck. Not ever.

Gripping epic fantasy within a richly-woven world of warring kingdoms, mysterious dreamers, dark magic, and ancient prophecy.

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