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How to Celebrate the Sabbats and Cook up Magick in the Kitchen

The process of cooking and the act of eating are much more than we might think. Historically, various traditions have used ritual within their food preparation practices, as they recognise that the preparation of food is much more than the simple act of catering.

Cooking itself is, at very least an art. However, we believe it is much more than that.

Our ancient forebears, whose connection with the Earth and her bounties tended to be much more closely aligned than our own, ate their fruit and vegetables when they were at their absolute best.

They were also very familiar with the most important agricultural and pastoral events within the cycle of the year, and they celebrated these major events with festivals of fertility, renewal, abundance, and thankfulness. In this kind of wholesome country life, centred around the high points of the calendar, there was absolutely no divide between life and magick.

The production of food was a truly sacred and magical activity that was fundamentally connected with the essential goodness of the Earth. It was aligned with the seasons, and was seen as not only being necessary for the provision of energy for our bodies, it was also vitally important for its medicinal properties.

In Wicca Kitchen Witchery, we seek to rediscover the annual cycle of abundance and align our food preparation and enjoyment with these ancient principles.

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