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The 7 Keys to Success
Over 2 Million people have enjoyed this International Bestseller! An inspirational book that will change your life, The 7 Keys
Serial entrepreneur, Cunchie addict and cat servant, Kathy Dee reveals exactly how she is making money. Kathy’s reports provide working
Think Big and Grow Rich
If you are serious about wanting to become rich, this book is for you. It is a completely natural desire
A Romantic Suspense Mystery you will not be able to put down. Phoebe’s Money is a suspense novel about a
Zombie Evolution
The undead are all over Scotland and the tried and tested method of dispatching a zombie, by putting a bullet
Getting your blurb right is like having the book fairy sprinkle magic dust over your Amazon listing. Master this one
A totally Badass guide to achieving financial success through writing. If you want to make money and you don’t know
If there is one thing that parents should inspire in their children, it is the belief that they can achieve
Learn how you too can profit by writing erotic short stories! In this short report, the second of Kathy's Practically
Lucifer Letters
As I picked it up, the first letter fell into a number of separate pieces, so brittle was the paper.
The Spiritual Secret to Prosperity, Happiness & Abundance That Will Transform Your Life “As someone who loves reading personal development
Having to cope with the school bully is bad enough, but it’s not just the other kids who are a
Discover the exact money-making formula used by millionaires the world over to create astonishing wealth. Napoleon Hill’s early career was
A must have for anyone who wants to start practicing Magick, this powerful Book of Shadows will completely transform your
Blood Pressure
If your blood pressure is abnormally high, you are right to be concerned. Hypertension increases your risk of developing a
Wicca Kitchen
How to Celebrate the Sabbats and Cook up Magick in the Kitchen The process of cooking and the act of