Threshold of Destiny: A Fantasy Romance (The Mysterium Secret) – Kindle Unlimited

Threshold Destiny

Shrouded by the mists of an Unseen World, dark spirits lie in wait for the unwary traveler and in the Earthly Realm, only heartache seems to be in store.

Clever, enigmatic, and dangerous: he’s a 200-year-old English vampire with a penchant for old poetry. Sensitive and psychic: she’s working for an undercover organization. And she knows his secret.

Old myths and legends must be given their due – even in the modern age of high-tech surveillance.

It’s nearly midnight when Tressa Newman sets out on her first assignment. Soon she’s alone on a dark street with her subject, only he’s not what she expected. To follow protocol – or to improvise? She’s forced to make her own choice on the spot.

And to her surprise, their strange acquaintance continues. Soon she learns that the clever, well-read vampire is much older than he looks. He’s also moody and opinionated, and strangely knowledgeable about the poetry of a former era. And whenever some danger appears to threaten her safety, the street-wise predator steps in to protect her – with ruthless ease.

But Tressa knows that it’s only a matter of time before she’ll need to cease contact with him. And when she stumbles upon a hidden agenda that’s taking over her organization, it becomes even clearer that her unrealistic hopes and dreams will never come true, for nightmarish fates seem to be in store for both of them.

Impossible longings. Heart-stopping romance. Deadly suspense. Get your copy now …

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