The LookyLoo: A Werewolf Mystery – Kindle Unlimited

The Looyloo - Free Book

A werewolf mystery for the young and young at heart.

There have been whispers about it for years: Crazy old Ebenezer Madison, what he may or may not have locked away inside the dark recesses of his cellar, and who or “what” it might be.

While investigating the truth behind the whispers, 12 year old Jefferson, his spunky little sister Tazzie, and their friend Woody find out that things that go bump in the night have fur, and claws–AND TEETH!!!

“Three kids investigating a local neighborhood ‘Legend’ discover that things that go bump in the night come complete with fur, and claws, and fangs in this engaging, atmospheric … Goosebumps meets The Wolfman style horror thriller.” – The Creature Feature Fest Blog

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