The Invisible Staircase – New Release

“At my workshops, people would often say that we should teach this stuff to our kids, and that’s why I wrote the book.”

If there is one thing that parents should inspire in their children, it is the belief that they can achieve anything they set their hearts upon. This book not only provides the inspiration, it also shows the practical method your kids can apply to succeed.

• The Power of Gratitude
• The Importance of Having a Dream
• How to Pass School Exams
• The Stick-to-it-ness Principle
• Instant Motivation for Kids

This is the book you have been itching to give to your kids. Written by Will Edwards, author of the bestselling inspirational title The 7 Keys to Success (and father of two super kids) this motivational book can turn your kids into high achievers.

The Invisible Staircase: Motivation for Kids is now available on Kindle.

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