The Hangman Box: Gripping Murder Mystery – Free

Get These Three Gripping Mystery Books Completely Free!

Book #1 – Silent Crime
This world is evil. My mother used to tell me that evil only comes to those who are looking for it, and maybe she was right. Corruption and death walk hand and hand in this town. I refuse to give in, but giving up seems to be my only option.

Book #2 – Guilty Crime
With new victims in his sights, the Hangman will stop at nothing to get his revenge, even if it means dragging Detective Jake Thomas down with him.
After making it personal, Jake is even more hellbent on solving the case, even if it means delaying his early retirement.

Book #3 – Hidden Crime
Now that Detective Jake Thomas knows the Hangman’s true identity, he’s on the path to wrapping up the case, but when a revelation about Jo’s family makes waves between them, will they be able to see eye to eye and make it happen, or will the truth put obstacles in their way?

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