The Bible Secret: Happiness, Prosperity & the Abundant Life – Kindle Unlimited

The Spiritual Secret to Prosperity, Happiness & Abundance That Will Transform Your Life

“As someone who loves reading personal development and self help materials I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve read books or articles with the word ‘secret’ in the title. Often it’s referring to a little-known, best-practice way to improve some aspect of our lives or attract more things for us to enjoy. But The Bible Secret by Will Edwards goes way beyond self-improvement techniques or formulas and explores the very essence of life’s purpose and fulfilment.” – John Callister

The sad consequence of missing this secret is that many people end up settling for lives of mediocrity, never releasing the most powerful force in the universe into their lives. If you are not living the spiritually satisfying and materially rewarding life God intends you to live, quite simply, you should read this book today

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