The After Hours Deception (Masquerade Inc. Cozy Mysteries) – Free

After Hours Deception

Infliltrate. Investigate. Hyperventilate. New jobs can be a real killer…

Petal Morgan finds herself, at twenty-eight, not only without any sort of compass leading her to her lifelong dream (she has as yet to identify), not to mention the student loans stacking up against her (how much education is too much?), now perched on the edge of bankruptcy while accepting (with the shame that comes from failure) taking the unfinished apartment over her parent’s garage.

But when an unexpected encounter with an old friend leads her to the kind of job she never expected, she not only uncovers her talents for investigation and deceit, but a dead body to boot. Deception has never been so lucrative…

Welcome to the Masquerade Inc. Cozy Mysteries!

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