Suzie (The Bailey Girls) – Kindle Unlimited

It was only the slightest hint of movement within her body, but it was there, and I felt it.

Just about a year after my first meeting with Lena, I found myself, once more, thinking of the prospect of completing my secret obsession by having sex with the last of the Bailey girls – Suzie. When I called to ask if she would come to the studio to model for me, she readily agreed.

Perhaps it was something about her eyes, perhaps it was simply impatience; I don’t know, but unusually for me, I walked over to her and raising her chin with my hand, I kissed her gently on the lips, and I felt her respond.

β€œI want you to make love to me Max,” she said.

Warning: This is an erotic short story that contains explicit straight sex scenes and bad language.

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