How to Write a Hit Song! – Kindle Unlimited


Many successful songs are very simple in terms of the musical structure and rhythmic patterns they employ.

That is very good news for the aspiring songwriter because we know that, if we learn those success formulas, there is no reason that we too cannot succeed in producing excellent, original material.

This book, which is the distillation of my many years of experience as a songwriter, can help you to find your voice and put you on the road to writing the kind of songs that will truly set you apart.

It may surprise you to learn that you do not necessarily need to be a particularly competent musician in order to become an excellent songwriter. Ideally, you will already be playing guitar or keyboard to some basic level, or beyond. But, most importantly, you will now be looking forward to developing your musical talents to include the art of songwriting.

The author is a singer/songwriter who appeared in Minehead Musician’s Festival 2015, Withyfest 2019 and is well connected within the music scene in the West Country.

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