Short Stories and Tales – Kindle Unlimited

A social media campaign to create a day of world peace. Time stoppages. Fates intertwining. Karma visiting a man on his last day on earth. All these treats and more await the reader …

These tales by Richard Dietrich Maddox range from the romantic to the spiritual, from contemporary life to science fiction. Characters have premonitions of their final days of life, come face-to-face with celestial beings, fall into cracks in the time continuum, and seek true happiness on a televised show. Readers will enjoy the lush style and imaginative flair of these offerings.

Short Stories and Tales is a collection of mysterious and beautiful stories. If you like philosophical journeys, divine discoveries, and romantic interludes, then you’ll adore Richard Dietrich Maddox’s magical tales.

A collection of Short Stories that will open up an Ali Baba’s cave of wondrous delights!

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