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She surprised me by asking what could quite easily be interpreted as a leading question.

“Would Manet have made love to the model at the end of his session?” she asked.

Was it her way of issuing an invitation? As a male, I was of course, not absolutely sure. Females always seem to think that dropping a hint will be enough. But in my view, that tendency is responsible for all kinds of misunderstandings within otherwise healthy relationships. The problem with hints is, of course, they can be so easily misunderstood.

“Well, I suppose she would have sat for him on a number of occasions for that particular work, and yes, he would have made love to her, probably during or immediately after every single sitting. All great artists made love to their models.”

“And, is that what you do Max?” she asked.

“I always make love to my models through the lens,” I answered. “Not many people get the opportunity to do that, but it is one of the things I enjoy most about my work.”

I put the camera down and walked over to the bed where I removed the only item of clothing she was wearing – her slipper. Then, I ran my hand through her hair, removing the orchid. Her perfume smelled so inviting and her body looked so alluring.

She looked straight into my eyes.

“Kiss me,” she said.

Now that was the kind of hint that even the least emotionally intelligent of males would be unable to misinterpret.

Warning: This is an erotic short story that contains explicit straight sex scenes and bad language.

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